Avocado: how to eat it, all uses and properties

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Avocado: how to eat it, all uses and properties

Its content of beneficial fats and oils allows, among other things, to use the avocado pulp to create nourishing beauty treatments for the skin and hair.

Recently, avocado's beneficial properties have received confirmation from science, which involved studying the properties of the oils contained in it. Avocado oil could represent a useful ally not only for the fight against aging and the action of free radicals but also for the prevention and treatment of some degenerative diseases. Furthermore, a powerful natural antibiotic against staphylococci has been discovering from a particular variety of avocado.

Keeping blood glucose at bay: Other research has sought to evaluate avocado nutrients' effect on blood sugar and diabetes. However, the positive impact on blood glucose levels seen using an avocado seed extract.

L ' avocado oil is active against plaque psoriasis: This liquid fat extract has been shown useful in the treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis associated with vitamin B12 but also, more generally, this fruit is beneficial to the skin wealth of nutrients view, proteins, and minerals, as well as vitamins A, D and E. A study has evaluated precisely the regenerative capacity against small wounds of avocado oil.

It has anti-cancer qualities yet to be explored: some nutrients present in avocado could be potential therapeutic molecules in breast cancer treatment.

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How to choose avocado

Before buying an avocado, it is good to pay attention to some details to avoid taking a too ripe fruit or, on the contrary, too unripe and, therefore, unusable. So pay attention to:

Skin: The right ripe avocado has a dark green skin free of bruises or spots that tend to brown. But this is not enough to evaluate its maturation; it is also necessary to touch it.

Consistency: an avocado ready to be eaten has a slightly soft texture, but the finger must not sink; in this case, it is an already too advanced ripening (however, do not throw away an overripe avocado; it can be used very well for treatments of beauty that we propose below).

Petiole: you can then test the petiole, which detaches easily if the avocado is ripe, but tends to resist if the fruit is still partially unripe. In the small hole that forms at the top, you can then notice a pulp that tends to brown if the avocado is very ripe, green, or light yellow if it is unripe, and a more decisive yellow is appropriately mature. (This test can only be done with the fruits you have at home).

If you have purchased an unripe avocado, you can place it next to apples to ripen.

When you happen to taste an avocado, remember to keep the stone and try to sow it to grow it directly in pots or your garden.

5 beauty treatments

And how can we use avocado for our beauty and health of skin and hair? Here are some ideas.

Hair mask

The avocado pulp is rich in vitamins, the presence of which can also benefit our hair. Applying an avocado mask allows you to obtain softer, shinier, and smoother hair and keep frizz at bay. The utterly natural cover that we propose must be applied to the hair before the regular shampoo. To make it, blend the pulp of half an avocado with two tablespoons of olive oil or jojoba oil. Spread the mask on damp hair, wear a shower cap and possibly wrap with a towel. The resulting hair mask must be left to act for at least 20 minutes before washing.

Face mask

The vitamin E contained in the avocado pulp will help prevent the signs of aging due to the action of free radicals on the cells of your face. To obtain an effective avocado face mask, blend a small amount of avocado pulp with a teaspoon of jojoba or rosehip oil. Apply to dry, makeup-free face skin and leave for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

Moisturizing treatment

To get a moisturizing treatment for the face or body, massage your skin by rubbing the avocado peel inside it. The oils from the pulp left on it will be able to reach your skin. Let them act for at least ten minutes before moving on to the usual cleansing.

Exfoliating scrub

To obtain an avocado-based exfoliating scrub, add two tablespoons of oat flour and a teaspoon of lemon juice to its pulp after blending it. Mix everything and use it as if it were a very delicate scrub, also suitable for hands and face. To obtain a scrub with an enhanced action, also add a spoonful of acceptable salt.

For the scalp

Thanks to the avocado pulp, it is possible to obtain a treatment capable of acting against dandruff and promoting hair growth. Mix three tablespoons of pureed avocado pulp with a teaspoon of neem oil, to which you have added a few drops of lavender essential oil. Massage this mix on the scalp before shampooing, preferably on damp hair, and leave it on for a variable time between 15 and 30 minutes before washing.


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