Best Database Administrator Job Description Template

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Best Database Administrator Job Description Template

We're seeking technically proficient Database Administrators that are capable of holding positions of fantastic responsibility. Being both an administrative and specialized function, the Database Administrator should exhibit both audio technical skills and administrative capability. You need to have extensive knowledge of these databases under your management, be the primary respondent to database conditions that arise, and execute routine maintenance and troubleshooting.


In addition, Database Administrators are analytical problem-solvers and communicators that are fluent in many data manipulation languages.


Assuming the database is backed up and equipped to be retrieved in case of memory loss.

Reporting on metrics concerning use and functionality.

Suggesting changes and enhancements for protection or maintenance.

Designing databases together with both front and backend users in your mind.

Analytic mindset and great problem-solving abilities.

Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities.

Highly organized and accountable.

Confidence functioning under stress.

Maintaining a sense of developments and trends in database management.

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Your obligation as a database administrator (DBA) are the functionality, integrity and safety of a database. You're going to be involved with the preparation and development of the database, in addition to in troubleshooting any problems on behalf of their consumers.


You will ensure that:


Data stays consistent throughout the database

info is obviously defined

users access information simultaneously, in a form which suits their wants

there's provision for information protection and recovery management (ensuring all information is retrievable in a crisis ).



As a database administrator, You Will Need to:


Set the requirements of consumers and track user access and safety

monitor performance and handle parameters so as to provide quick responses to users

map from the conceptual layout for a projected database

contemplate both backend organisation of information and backend access for end-users

enhance the logical layout so it may be translated into a particular data model

further refining the physical layout to fulfill system storage demands

install and test new versions of this database management system (DBMS)

maintain data standards, such as adherence to the Data Protection Act

compose database documentation, such as data standards, definitions and procedures to the data dictionary (metadata)

management access permissions and privileges

grow, manage and evaluation backup and retrieval programs

guarantee that archiving and storage processes are working properly

execute capacity planning

work closely with IT project managers, database developers and multimedia developers

communicate frequently with specialized, operational and applications personnel to guarantee database integrity and safety

commission and install new software and customise present applications to be able to make them fit for purpose

handle the safety and disaster recovery elements of a database.


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Beginning salaries for grad database administrators are about #22,000 to 25,000 annually.

With some expertise, at a real time position, you can earn about #35,000 to 45,000.

With significant expertise, working at a senior position you can make a salary of 60,000+.

Additionally, it is likely to operate as a contractor, charging #300 to 500 per day, based upon your experience.


The selection of salaries is dependent upon the business and place.


Income amounts are meant as a guide only.


Working hours


You may be asked to work immediately and on weekends (during periods of low use ) when development and maintenance work has to be undertaken. You can also need to be on call occasionally, reacting if a crucial problem happens.


What to expect


The working environment is casual and it is potential to get work to be performed from home or from other remote areas. There is a growing trend towards working at home.

You might discover that the work could be demanding as businesses rely on databases that are successful, and there may be considerable pressure to guarantee that they operate easily, especially if obtained online.

Traveling and lack of home overnight might occasionally be required.

There are various opportunities to work overseas.

Girls are underrepresented in the IT profession. For jobs and information for girls who wish to work in tech have a look at Women in Tech.



You can input this profession with a degree in any subject but the following can be particularly helpful:


Computer engineering

pc software/computer systems technology


info technology


functional research.

Relevant HND subject areas include mathematical, physical and applied science.


A pre-entry postgraduate qualification is not essential but is very likely to boost your chances if your first degree is at a non-computing subject.




You Will Have to show:


Superb problem-solving and analytic abilities

good communication, teamwork and negotiation abilities

familiarity with the primary data manipulation languages along with the fundamentals of database design

the ability to work to tight deadlines under pressure

great organisational abilities

flexibility and adaptability

the capability to produce and maintain strong working relationships with coworkers and clients

company awareness and comprehension of business demands of IT

a willingness to keep current with advancements in new technologies

a commitment to ongoing skilled development (CPD)

an comprehension of information laws, like the Data Protection Act.

Work experience


Most database administrator tasks require some kind of expertise in the IT business. Keep an eye out for sandwich levels which have a work place. These provide invaluable hands-on expertise and can at times result in employment following graduation.


It is a fantastic idea to obtain some expertise in programming and also to familiarise yourself with as many database technology and operating methods as you can.

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Job short


A expert Database Administrator (DBA) will continue to keep the database up and running easily 24/7. The target is to present a smooth flow of information across the business, considering the two backend data arrangement and frontend availability for end-users.




Construct database programs of high quality and availability depending on every end user's specialised function

Design and implement database based on end users data needs and viewpoints

Define customers and empower data supply to the Perfect user, in proper format and in a timely fashion

Use high-speed trade recovery Methods and backup data

Minimise database downtime and handle parameters to supply fast query answers

Supply reactive and proactive data management training and support to customers

Ascertain, apply and file database policies, processes and standards

Perform tests and evaluations frequently to guarantee information security, ethics and privacy

Monitor database performance, implement modifications and implement new patches and models if required



They can also be included in planning, creating and troubleshooting of databases.


To be able to draw Database Administrator that best fits your requirements, it's extremely important to compose a very clear and exact Database Administrator job description.


As a Database Administrator in our business, you'll be responsible for designing, testing, planning, executing, protecting, managing, operating and maintaining our business databases.


Database Administrator responsibilities and responsibilities


Provide support and guidance to Software Programmers

Help with schema design, code inspection, SQL query pruning

Install, song, execute and update DBMS installations

Compose and deploy SQL stains

Update and Enhance program schema and data updates

Procedure work correctly and in a timely fashion

concentrate on detail at all times

Proactively and frequently make recommendations for system enhancements

Collate, prepare and current statistical data for external and internal usage

Database Administrator demands


Bachelor's degree in computer engineering or a related information technology field

X years of experience with programming languages including PL/SQL programming

Easily design and execute a business process into operational and efficient code

Employ and manage business data management practices and practices

X years of expertise in handling, managing and tuning databases

X years of experience with Oracle RAC, SQL Server or MySQL

Great Comprehension of data and schema criteria and theories

Great comprehend database design, execution, troubeshooting and upkeep

Experience in SQL

sense of pride and ownership on your performance and its effect on business's success

Critical thinker and problem-solving abilities

Team participant

Great time-management abilities

Great social and communication abilities

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