Best online consultation with dentist

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Best online consultation with dentist

Consent is the voluntary and continuous permission of a competent patient to receive a particular treatment based on the patient being informed regarding the purpose, nature, and likely risks of the treatment, including the likelihood of its success and any alternatives to it. Permission given under any unfair or undue pressure is not consent.

Treatment without any consent = assault/battery.

Treatment with general consent, but without explanation of what is involved may = negligence.

Consent should be obtained by the clinician in immediate charge of the treatment. Consultants must ensure that junior staff are appropriately trained and qualified to obtain consent.

Consent can be given in writing, verbally, or be implied.

Written Consent:

Written consent may be preferable, especially when extensive treatment is planned and essential before GA/sedation is provided. A signed form indicating that a patient agrees to treatment is not necessarily proof that consent is valid because the patient may not have understood the information

provided at the time they gave their consent, or they may not have had enough information to make a proper decision, or enough time to consider their options.

Verbal Consent:

Verbal consent should be the minimum obtained for treatment. The benefits of having a third-party present at all times are obvious. Information discussed as part of the consent process should be carefully recorded in the clinical records.

Implied Consent:

Implied consent to a dental examination is given by attending an appointment and sitting in the dental chair, however this does not cover provision of treatment.

Consent for Children:

Those aged 16 and 17yrs are presumed to have the competence to give consent for their own treatment. Younger children who understand fully what is involved in the proposed procedure can also give consent (although their parents will ideally be involved). In other cases, someone with parental responsibility must give consent on the child’s behalf, unless they cannot be reached in an emergency.

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Dentists now offer online consultation services for their patient. Keeping in mind ongoing scenario of corona pandemic, a group of qualified doctors decided to launch website for free online dental consultation service for patients from across the globe. If you are facing any dental problem or you need expert advice about your oral health, simply ask it online from a dentist.

Tooth republic has been developed by a group of professional dentists with the purpose of offering quality service to their patients. It is advisable for all the patients to seek dental advice regarding teeth from this website. Until unless it is not an emergency situation, do not visit the dentist. Because dentists’ clinic is the hotspot for spread of corona virus.

What it has to offer the dentists and students of dentistry? Additional information will help you treat the next patient or pass the next exam, or more importantly the practical hints and tips which you will glean with experience. It is the potential for that interaction which makes tooth republic distinctive in clinical dentistry.

We had an interview with the founder of tooth republic. He announced that video lectures and practical on-clinic demonstration videos will soon be available on the website to help young doctors in learning latest technology and development in this field.

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