Best Small Bathroom Designing Ideas by Expert Bathroom Designer Somerset

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Publish Date : 2020-09-11 04:41:02

Best Small Bathroom Designing Ideas by Expert Bathroom Designer Somerset

When you have a small bathroom, there is very limited room left for designing options. But expert bathroom designer Somerset has provided some useful designing ideas that can turn your small bathroom into a highly functional and practical one. There are many affordable options available when it comes to color, storage, sink, vanity etc. that can make the most of the minimal space.

Different Storage Options

Limited space issues make finding optimal storage options challenging. On the contrary, you don’t need to cramp the entire stuff of your bathroom into small cabinets. Well, in reality, open shelving can be utilized in the best way. however, here are a few effective storage ideas:

  1. Floating shelves, a type of wall hanging that get fits to the wall
  2. Sink skirt is best to create hidden storage under wall hung or bulky sink
  3. Storage ladders to place your bathroom containers
  4. Wooden crates stack on each other
  5. Floor-to-ceiling toilet paper storage
  6. Step stools that have storage space for soaps and various bath products
  7. Storage racks within the vanity doors

When we talk about functionality and storage, they go hand-in-hand. You can place the basket beneath the sink, stackable baskets under cabinets, or store personal bath items instead of leaving them out on the counter.


With a walk-in shower enclosure made of glass give you many benefits. From the entrance, you can have a whole view of the room. It gives a feel of an open and airy room. A walk-in shower with a non-standard style can make the room spacious too. But, there are other methods to use glass, like you can add a window to get in sunlight or a mirror to create a spacious room illusion.


You can efficiently use bathroom furniture as well in various ways. From compact vanities to employing creative decorative ideas like repurposing wine barrels to keep the toiletries and cleaning products. In the case of shelves, you can have floating shelves that can hang on the wall or built-in shelves to make the bathroom areas more space-efficient. If space is extremely limited, give a try to under-sink storage unit. It is a better place for your towels and toiletries.

Several other ideas for re modelling small bathroom include

  1. Install vanity drawer storage to put small items like makeup
  2. Mount or recessed medicine cabinets
  3. Cube shelving units for your essential items
  4. Wall-mounted magazine racks
  5. Cabinets design for both long and narrow bathrooms
  6. Vessel sinks, which are unique and compact


If you are claustrophobic, then small bathroom can create issues for you. The colors you pick are essential for developing a serene ambience. A neutral color palette is the best, in accordance with textures and styles that feature neutral shades.

Colors like off-whites, greys, beiges, and cream in a mixed combination can add deepness to the room. So don’t hesitate to think outside the box. Even use some black, blue, or purple tones to add some style.

Color not only go best with the paint. It could be matched with bathroom tile, rugs, hand towels, and bathrobes and much more. Soap dishes and different add-ons can add to the atmosphere as well. Colors can also be painted on door and mirror frames or the wall trim.

Consult Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas With An Expert

Based in Somerset, we can provide you with several options incorporating all styles of bathrooms. From minute design details and product selection to final touch, we are here to assist you at every step of the way. Our dedicated, qualified team of workers manages all of the work. For assistance with small bathroom design ideas and reworking talk with a pre-design coordinator or fill out our questionnaire.

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