Cancer Treatment: Need to know all about Cancer Treatment

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Cancer Treatment: Need to know all about Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment refers to the use of radiation, surgery, medications and other therapies to cure the disease. These treatments help shrink cancer and stop its progression in the human body. Besides, they prevent the recurrence of cancer and help heal the symptoms.

In the current scenario, effective and highly-targeted treatments are available for cancer. This has resulted in improved outcomes. 

Cancer Treatment and Its Different Forms

Now, there are many forms of cancer treatments. Let us see full details here. 

The forms of cancer treatment include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy. In today's world, many immunological therapies, smart drug delivery are also being used to treat cancer. Different cancer drugs are used in a combination to cure the disease.

Cancer therapy varies from person to person. The treatment is decided according to the patient's condition, cell type, tumour location and other illnesses. Doctors are held fully responsible for determining the type of cancer treatment for a particular cancer patient. In India, you can find many best hospitals for cancer treatment.

Cancer therapies have their side effects on a patient's body. These side effects may be specific problems like hair loss, fatigue, swelling of lower limbs, reduced blood count and nausea. Therefore, the impact of cancer therapies is closely monitored by doctors.

Cancer treatment 

Every cancer patient gets cancer therapy in the hospital. But, as soon as a result starts progressing, they are shifted to specialised care. Treatment of cancer gets performed under the guidance of an oncologist at an oncology ward or a clinic. Different medical doctors from various fields are involved in the treatment process. Rare cancer cases are treated at university hospitals. Children diagnosed with cancer get treated at university hospitals under children clinics.

In the beginning, patients are kept under observation under specialists, and later, they get shifted to a health centre. India has some of the best hospitals for cancer treatment.

Different Forms of Cancer Treatment

There are different types of treatment that cancer patients receive.  

Supportive Therapy

Supportive cancer therapy is used to improve the patient's wellbeing during and after the treatment. Anti-nausea medication is a type of supportive therapy that is used during chemotherapy. Cancer pain treatment is also one of its forms.

Adjuvant therapy

Adjuvant therapy is used combinedly with surgery. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery are types of adjuvant therapy. They help destroy all the cancer cells in a patient’s body and improve the outcome.

Combination therapy

Combination therapy defines the combined usage of different treatment forms, such as radiotherapy, surgery, and drugs. This therapy increases the scope of a patient's recovery.

Palliative care

Palliative care cures a patient's physical and psychological symptoms. It helps treat symptoms such as confusion, fatigue, nausea, constipation and pain. Palliative care can be provided for months or even years.

In some cases, cancer doesn’t get cured, and so, palliative care helps improve the quality of a patient’s life. This treatment is critical, especially for patients suffering from metastatic cancer. Along with the other benefits, Palliative care also cures the fear and anxieties of a cancer patient.


Nowadays, Cancer treatments are developing continuously. Highly effective and targeted treatments can be found in India. These treatments are giving excellent results and have improved the outcomes and life expectancy of thousands of cancer patients across the country.

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