Check GST ARN Registration Status

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Check GST ARN Registration Status


The official GST gateway simplifies the process, but first of all, you need to register your company. You can launch an online application and complete the online registration process. It will take 15 days before the application is finished to be registered. In the meantime, you will use your GST Official Portal Request Reference Number to check the status of GST registration (ARN). Here you will be learning how to Check GST ARN Registration Status – Everything You Need To Know


The issuer's reference number (ARN) is a special number that tags the purchase of a credit card from the purchasing bank to the cardholder's bank. Banks can use this number to track a deal with the purchaser. In order to make the GST filing process quicker and more user-friendly, the Government of India has given every taxpayer access to an online portal. 


The ARN shall be the reference number for the application. The RNA number is normally created automatically after the taxpayer has successfully submitted his or her GST registration application to the GST (Goods and Services Tax) portal. ARN must be signed electronically or have a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) at the time of submission for approval on the GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) platform. The GST Registration Submission will be accepted on the GST website within 15 days of the application.


With the assistance of this RNA, the taxpayer will easily track his or her GST registration status until the government issues the GST Certificate and the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) to the taxpayer. The taxpayer is now allowed to shop on the GST Device Network and may use the GST in the future. The RNA generated is unique for any taxpayer. This is official evidence that the taxpayer has successfully applied for GST on the GSTN portal. As a consequence, the ARN number is of great value and taxpayers must keep it secure so it can be used for purposes other than proof of the status of the GST ARN.

Format of ARN

  • ARN is a 15 digit alpha-numeric code, where:

  • First, 2 codes are alphabets

  • The next 2 digits represent the state code

  • Subsequent 4 codes indicate month and year

  • Following 6 digits are the unique system generated number

  • The last code shows the checksum digit

Significant Things to Remember Before Reviewing GST Registration Status – GST RAN Status


It is important that you have these documents at hand before you can verify your GST registration status:


  1. directors or associates shall list along with their identification and proof of address. It was very important to note that you are doing business in partnership or incorporation.


(b) Memorandum of Association (MOA)/Association Document (AOA), Certificate of incorporation, Partnership Statute.


(c) the PAN card of the entity or business association.


(d) An canceled bank account check in which the name of the account holder, the IFSC code, the MICR, and the bank information of the branch must be indicated.


(e) either the leasing agreement or the utility bill as a function and document of the business sector.


Steps to Verify Status of GST Registration – GST ARN Status


The measures below are driven by which taxpayers may easily review the status of GST registration and/or GST ARN on the GSTN portal.




  • All you need to do is open a web browser and visit the official https website:/

  • Note: Supported web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer can be accessed through the GST portal.


  • Push the Resources menu on the GST portal homepage, and then press Track Applicant Status under Registration.

  • You will be taken to the Track Application Status page where you are expected to enter the RNA you obtained at the time of registration of the GST. Enter the RNA and then press the Search button to continue.

  • Note: If the Captcha code is seen on the tab, check the code by inserting it in the text box.

  • The status of your RNA submission will be seen on your screen.

Note: Your Application ARN status details will also be sent to you on your registered phone number and e-mail address.


GST RAN Track Status


There can be six potential outcomes when the claimant monitors the status of the RNA and these are given as follows:


I Type allocated to the GST officer;

This RNA Status occurs when the GST submission is delegated or issued to the sorting and approval officer of the GST. Please notice that this status does not mean that your application for GST Registration has been canceled.


(ii) Confirmation pending

The RNA status alluded to above occurs when the GST officer seeks clarification from the claimant on the GST Registration application submitted. In this scenario, the claimant would have to apply or offer clarification on the GST Platform as soon as possible.

(iii) Explanation filed – awaiting the order

This status is shown when the claimant submits a description of the questions posed by the GST Officer. However, the clearance was also on hold on the GST officer's side.


(iv) Explanation not filed – awaiting the order

This RNA designation shall extend if the claimant fails to offer clarification to the GST officer within the specified time limit. There is also a risk that the application for registration of the applicant's GST would be denied by the GST officer concerned.


(v) Approved application

In the event that you are given this rank after you have monitored the status, this means that the application for registration of the GST has been authorized or acknowledged by the GST Officer. Once this status is shown the applicant will shortly obtain a GST Identification Number (GSTIN) along with a GST Registration Certification.


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