COVID-19: Demand for individual sanitization service for home cleaning rises

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Publish Date : 2020-10-07 10:36:12

COVID-19: Demand for individual sanitization service for home cleaning rises

From disinfectant spraying to sanitization showers, housing societies over India are getting innovative to prevent the Coronavirus from inserting their compounds. Some residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) have hired private sanitization services to ensure that the combination is cleaned and sanitized. Besides the general corridor, even other things in plain sight, such as elevators, cars, children’s play areas, and lawns, are often sprayed with disinfectants. As a result, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed into an opportunity for private sanitization and disinfection service companies, filling in for government agencies at an extra cost.

With most households and housing societies restricting cleaners and sweepers' entry, they have been left with no alternative, but to hire private agencies, to keep the community neat and clean post the lockdown announcement. As a decision, many housing organizations rushed to hire them to disinfectant their compounds.

We are getting approximately 10-20 inquires per day, and our staff is working overtime to meet the requirements. The citizens in the communities are often scared once several COVID-19 cases emerge.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring that the Coronavirus can live up to four days on wooden surfaces and five days on metal surfaces, homeowners are also opting for the sofa, recliner, carpet, mattress, cushions, furniture, and car sanitization services. According to health experts, regular cleaning of hard surfaces that are affected normally (such as tables, desks, toilets, etc.) with disinfectants effectively prevents the spread of COVID-19.

Several devices ensuring complete sanitization from the COVID-19 virus have come up in the market. From gun sprayers to outside sprayers, online e-commerce websites are immersed with those latest devices to clean daily touch surfaces regularly. Several sanitizer room sprays have also been launched newly, even though there is still a continuing debate over whether the Novel Coronavirus can spread through the air.

Apart from this, Daily Object’s UV sterilizer for mobile phones has increased demand. This device guarantees to kill 99.9% viruses on your handset and can also be used to sterilize masks, makeup brushes, jewelry, lipstick, etc. There is a pocket version of this sterilizer also available for cleaning frequent-touch areas.

Before the coronavirus, the sanitization was not so necessary. But now it has become essential for healthful living. Government using some safety rules to make an environment virus –free. The government cannot sanitize everyone’s house individually. So it would be best if you took care of your family and workplace. So that you capable of living healthy lives.


The main reason for the sanitizing service is to ensure a healthy and virus-free environment. It also stops the further growth of dangerous viruses and bacteria. It is an upper-level of deep cleaning. It is quite a various level of deep cleaning. It needs good knowledge of cleaning agents and expertise. As lack of experience can lead to delicate health issues as well. The products that are applied in deep cleaning are different.

Why home and office sanitization service is important?

It is very important to secure the bacterial and germ-free atmosphere for commercial and residential places. It will go to prevent it from your family members, employees, and customers safe from coronavirus. Before sanitizing service, deep cleaning is necessary because sanitizing has no value without cleanliness. In a deep cleaning, solid matter, oil, grease, dirt, and dust get removed. And sanitization's sole purpose is to sanitize the house. If you sanitize your messy home, then there are more chances of bacteria growth and block the path of sanitization. Overall, sanitization is a method of using chemical and heat in a proper way to disinfect the house and industrial places. We advise you to hire expert sanitization services.

Sanitization is a very exact process of blocking the virus and bacteria. These microorganisms not only present rise to this dangerous pandemic coronavirus but also to many other health hazards. Therefore, we must hire a sanitization service once a year, even in a regular life mode.

As there is a lot of pollutants free in the air. And most of the disease spread due to airborne. Sanitization performs your living surrounding healthy. Harmful pollutants of philosophy don’t only harm your physical health but also mentally. You lose your work capability. Hence, to have a healthy atmosphere to hire the home sanitization service provider.

This coronavirus pandemic affects the mental status of people. They explore embarrassed about going out to earn a living. So if the landlord of small or large business owners hires sanitization services, it will increase the employee's trust because they will find the owner's struggles to secure a stand. So they will also try to defeat fear and work for progress.

If the workplace is cleaned and sanitized, employees will be able to work more productively as they will receive a new and positive environment. A shortage of cleanliness security can affect the workers’ fitness and even have a harmful impact.

In this pandemic time, owners need to build a connection again with your client. To produce a protected atmosphere for the client is the sole priority of every business person. As this period is quite sensitive, it’s the duty of you to provide a healthy environment to your customer so that they feel relaxed and secure.

There are many extraordinary reasons to choose Precult

•   Sanitizing services need specialists and expert persons. And you will be happy to know that the Precult team is consists of specialists and certified people. If you hire services from trustworthy people, then there is no chance of health and wealth.

•   We offer fast and quality services. We hold in mind your valuable time and believe in not misusing your single second. We provide a rapid answer to the customers’ demands.

•   Our specialists are completely trained and expert at making smart decisions. They have excellent knowledge of all chemicals. So there is no possibility of each lack of neglect.

•   PrecultIndia offer sustainable services. Keeping in mind the afterward effects as well. We make sure that you receive the most satisfying experience ever.

•   We offer sanitizing services at a flexible price. So that everyone can able to produce a protected atmosphere in this painful venture of coronavirus.

•   Our specialists conduct you also. We suggest you hire a deep cleaning service before the sanitization service.

•   We resolve all your questions within 24x7. We believe in creating healthy relations with our clients. So that people think easy to contact us.

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