Custom Cardboard Boxes | The Custom Packaging Boxes

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Custom Cardboard Boxes | The Custom Packaging Boxes

 But even the highest quality product can be very easily damaged during transportation, it is necessary to use a custom-made cardboard box, which will keep the goods intact until they are delivered to the customer.

Custom cardboard box for production

Once the product has left the production line, it must be securely packed. At the same time, the manufacturer thinks that the shipping packaging is not expensive, does not increase the weight of the goods, does not increase its dimensions. That is why a 3-layer cardboard box is the best solution. Special corrugated cardboard is capable of withstanding very serious loads, it can withstand impacts, withstand drops, all stresses are absorbed by the cardboard.

The box is made to order, it has the correct dimensions, so this or that product is tightly fixed inside it. In some cases, the box has a special shape to reliably protect the goods during transportation and at the same time not to increase the size of the shipping container. Transportation will be cheaper, which means that the client will receive a more attractive price.

If the box is made for automated production, then it must meet certain parameters. This is necessary so that the automated packaging machine can handle the carton and quickly pack the goods at the exit from the automated line. That is why it makes sense to order the production of a unique cardboard box.

Cardboard box for transport companies

The popularity of transport companies only continues to grow in the market. These services are incredibly popular today. A huge number of people order certain goods through online stores, send parcels to each other. It is very simple and completely safe, therefore, the popularity of transport companies is growing every day. But each client wants to receive high-quality transportation of his cargo, there is no point in sending the parcel if there is a high probability that it will be damaged during transportation.

In order to safely transport even the fragile goods of its customers, the transport company uses special cardboard boxes that protect the parcel from mechanical damage. Today the Gofroyashchik plant is able to offer its client individual production of cardboard boxes for the transportation of goods. There are also various cardboard boxes in stock, which saves you a huge amount of your time.

A shipping box is made of special corrugated cardboard, thanks to which it is able to withstand huge loads and various kinds of impacts. During transportation, the box can break off the fasteners and hit a hard surface, the corrugated cardboard itself can get some damage, but the load inside the box remains completely intact. Also, the transport company can use additional sealing materials for internal cargo fixation.

Such shipping packaging is used both for local cargo transportation over short distances and for international mail. The cardboard box is not an expensive packaging material, so the cost of transporting goods increases slightly and the client is satisfied with the transport services. Also, the transport company will be confident that the cargo will be delivered intact, and there will be no complaints from the client.

What should be a quality cardboard box

When choosing shipping packaging, you need to be careful, you need strong and durable packaging that can really protect the cargo during transportation. There is no point in simply hiding the load from view, but it will be damaged in any fall. That is why you should study the cardboard box before proceeding with its direct use. Today, a high-quality corrugated box is available for you, which can be purchased at a minimum price.

Make sure the cardboard is strong and durable initially. The manufacturer uses multi-layer cardboard, it is capable of withstanding huge loads and does not lend itself to damage. If such a cardboard has a strong impact from falling onto a hard surface, but it crumples quite a bit, but at the same time absorbs all the force of the impact and thereby protects the load inside. These boxes can be stacked on top of each other without any problems, they will remain intact, which means you will save a huge amount of space in the truck.

Pay attention to the build quality of the box. As a rule, a cardboard shipping box comes to you completely disassembled, but in a few seconds, you can assemble a ready-made container from it to transport your cargo. After you have assembled the box, you need to make sure that the structure is strong and durable. If the gaps at the joints of the box parts are large, then there can be no talk of any reliability, even while carrying the load, problems may occur. A high-quality box is made on automated equipment, so the quality of its assembly will be the highest.

How to store the corrugated board in a warehouse

If we are talking about a small batch of corrugated cardboard, then there are no problems with its storage, since it immediately goes into action. But if we are talking about a large-scale production or a large transport company, then a special warehouse is created here, where cardboard is stored for packing goods or goods. It may happen that you have purchased a large batch of high-quality corrugated cardboard, but after a while, it becomes unusable and loses its strength characteristics. And all because the rules for storing such material were violated.

The main requirement for long-term storage of corrugated board is to maintain optimal humidity in the room. The storage temperature affects the condition of the material to a lesser extent. Since the corrugated board is a hygroscopic material, the higher the humidity, the more it absorbs it. It is necessary to maintain a relative humidity of 25-70% in a room with corrugated cardboard, in this case the material will retain all its properties and will perform its intended function. To maintain such indicators, it is sufficient to use a standard ventilation system.

The storage of cardboard should be carried out in a completely enclosed area, away from direct sunlight. For the material, not only high humidity is scary, but also a dry environment, the material becomes brittle and can be damaged during the packaging of goods. That is why, before ordering a large batch of corrugated cardboard for packing goods, it is necessary to prepare a place for its storage.

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