Custom Website Development in UAE

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Custom Website Development in UAE

How much does custom software cost? Prices, pros, and cons.

If your company has begun to need faster, more efficient, and complex management, you can benefit from the new management software. You will wonder how much a management software is worth, of what type, and which is the one that best suits your needs as a company.


On the one hand, we can distinguish between the software itself with the different options and prices. On the other hand, we must take into account the expenses incurred in implementing the new software, such as the installation of networks, equipment, or compatible technology.

Management Software or ERP

There are numerous options for the management of companies, from totally free programs to some that cost thousands of dollars, it all depends on the needs of your company and which management is the one you need.

Free software

It is the most basic option that mainly serves start-up or self-employed companies. These types of programs require a license for a complete administration of all the features.

This is an interesting choice, but there are also other free software options such as open-source ones, although it has a main drawback if you don’t have a programmer among your staff.

Affordable Management Programs

For SMEs and small companies with considerable turnover and somewhat special needs, we find some generic management programs that are adapted in some cases to companies very well. This type of application is aimed mainly at small and medium-sized companies.

To get a more or less complete solution that integrates your needs and technical support, can be expensive in some cases. If you allow me to consider, any extremely cheap software does not include implementation or lacks some efficacy or safety features.

For some applications on the market, there are special rates and payment formulas to facilitate access to the largest number of companies. We have one-time or fractured payments that include updates and technical services.

Custom software

At first, it is an expensive software since its birth it is designed to support a very specific company or sector, but for companies, there is a growing demand for exclusive software that optimizes their business structure, and that in the long run will contribute to greater benefits than other options. The cost varies depending on the functionalities it is equipped with and the infrastructure necessary to implement it. Custom programming is expensive, having to make a large investment that undoubtedly pays off in the medium and long term.

Well-executed custom software is a differentiating element of a company. For this reason, hundreds of companies choose this type of program every time.

Software implementation

ERPs are complex programs that need technical requirements on the devices where they are installed. This part of implementing the application may involve an unexpected expense, do not hesitate to ask if its execution is contemplated in the initial budget. The more tied everything is, the fewer surprises you will get so as not to exceed the initial prices.

The formation:

It is part of the implementation and involves allocating resources to comprehensively train the personnel who will manage the ERP. Do not skimp on resources to solve this part, since the success of the application itself depends on it.

Support and maintenance:

The help of good support is essential in the first moments of your ERP life, a good technical support will make you rest assured about your Management Software. Good accommodation and access are essential and will be taken into account to make the best choice.

Quick and efficient resolution saves any business.

At dev links, we have specialized in custom programming ERP software. We have extensive experience and success stories in several companies that have implemented some of our management software. Do you want to know how much an ERP would cost for your company?

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