“Does all of this mean we can’t plan or set goals? If everything is borrowed, what’s the point?” Plan all you want! Enjo

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“Does all of this mean we can’t plan or set goals? If everything is borrowed, what’s the point?” Plan all you want! Enjo

“Does all of this mean we can’t plan or set goals? If everything is borrowed, what’s the point?” Plan all you want! Enjoy your friendships, career, and even material possessions. I’m all about that. I love to plan everything. Just don’t get attached to your plans. Always be flexible. As our friend Epictetus said, be ready when the ship departs. As you’re creating plans for the holidays and the new year, keep that in the back of your mind. If something falls through, quickly let go of your old plan, and come up with something new. Think creatively and never stop trying to make the best of it. All the best.

That’s 2020 in a nutshell. We were somewhere enjoying the scenery, maybe picking some flowers. Some of us were already looking at other places to visit on our ship. But we were called back to the ship abruptly: “We’re going home, everybody.”

Every shell has a prompt. The prompt is what is written before your cursor. It signalizes that you can enter a command and gives useful context information. In the example above, the prompt contains the user name moose , the current computer pc08 , the current working directory ~/GitHub/MartinThoma/flake8-simplify , the active git branch feature/19 and the fact that there are modifications ±.

There are also “programming fonts” like Fira Code or Jetbrains Mono. I don’t like them, because they make it harder for me to really know what is written. They look nice, though.

In recent years, I’ve adopted a different mindset about life: We must be able to give up everything when it’s called back. We have many things in life that we value; our family, friends, career, business, hobbies, car, investments, you name it. We feel like we have a right to have those relationships or objects. But in reality, we own nothing, and nothing is owed to us. We’re guests who temporarily walk this planet.

In life, we make up all kinds of plans and goals. But we must be prepared to give up everything when something unexpected happens. Let’s be honest, was this pandemic really unexpected? Why do we feel so blindsided by this crisis? It reminds me of the first time I lost someone close to me, my grandmother. She wasn’t in good health for the last years of her life. But when she passed, it hit me pretty hard. This was before I practiced Stoicism.

This mindset shift has helped me. I look at everything in life as borrowed from someone I personally know. Think about it. How do you act if you borrow something from a friend? You don’t get attached, but at the same time, you also take care of it. Live your life like that. Your job, house (even if you bought it), car, assets, and even relationships are not yours. Nothing is truly yours. Crazy, right? But we know on some level that this is true.

Aminal is a Terminal Emulator written in Go. It can be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac. It allows configuration via a configuration file and includes the color and keyboard shortcuts in it.

First of all, Firebase is a great choice for some kinds of projects, especially MVPs (Minimum Viable Product). It allows shipping the first versions of your apps faster and cheaper. But it has 3 disadvantages once you get the traction:

Download and install all 4 “DejaVu Sans Mono Powerline” fonts. On all systems I know, installing a font is done by double-clicking it. Then a window opens which has an “Install” button.

That doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time and get close to people. That’s a misconception about Stoicism, you know. Some narrow-minded people think it’s “dangerous” to live more like the Stoics, or to focus more on the self. They don’t get it, and that’s fine. The truth is that the Stoics cared immensely about their friends and family. They dedicated most of their lives encouraging others to live well. If that’s not altruistic, I don’t know what is. When you inspire the people in your life to be happier and tranquil, all of your lives will be better.

For a while, we were implementing all the logic on mobile clients. Fortunately enough, we had migrated to Kotlin Multiplatform about a year ago, so at least we needed to implement the logic only once in the common module.

How many times were you thinking about writing your backend for mobile apps you are working on? And how many times have you chosen Firebase instead? Are there any better options at the moment?





















ges their color preference in your app’s settings, or, for example, the sun sets and your phone’s color scheme changes, this StatusBar will be aware of it and match the rest of the app. Here obviously we’re not taking into account the other methods in the StatusBar API, which would be a welcome enhancement.

No matter what you take, the font matters. You might want to have a monospace font. And you for sure want a powerline font; trust me with that one. The powerline font gives your shell the possibility to use characters that look like images. It can make the prompt way nicer.

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