Eco-friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

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Publish Date : 2020-12-01 10:00:43

Eco-friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Do you want to uplift the beauty and comfort level of your old bathroom? Then, you must be looking for all the different bathroom remodeling companies to provide the right idea to create a stunning and trendy bathroom. But, have you thought of giving an eco-friendly makeover to your old bathroom. 

Yep, nowadays, bathroom contractors have designed many ways to complete your small bathroom renovations in eco-friendly manners. Whether you are planning to make small changes in your bathroom or ultimately want to upgrade it, there are bathroom remodeling companies available that can help you in saving the environment. 

These days, style and environment can be saved together. With the simple bathroom renovation changes, you can give a complete retouch to your bathroom. Some of the best eco-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas are -

Bring Natural Light Inside your Bathroom 

One of the most favourite bathroom contractors' way of making your bathroom eco-friendly is bringing nature inside your bathroom. There are plenty of different ways to get natural light inside your bathroom, like adding one big window, skylight, etc. When you let fresh, natural light illuminates your bathroom, you can see everything clearly, so no need to use various bulbs and lights. You can easily perform your grooming activities under the brightness of natural light. 

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that spending some time basking the fresh and natural light can brighten up your mood. Now, who doesn’t want to start their day on a happy note? Additionally, you don’t have to install fans or humidifiers in your bathroom as you can open windows anytime and let fresh air vent into your bathroom space. By including natural light in your bathroom, you can avoid the usage of lights, fans, and many other electronics in your bathroom remodeling. 

However, if there’s no provision to add windows or skylight to your bathroom, you should use LED lights or less energy-consuming electric appliances to add an eco-friendly touch. 

Use Steam Shower 

If you want to make small bathroom renovations, you can replace your shower stall or bathtub to give an eco-friendly touch. Your one relaxing bathtub experience consumes 60-70 gallons of water. And, for god's sake, if you have a big bathtub, for your every bath, you are wasting 100 gallons of water. On the contrary, your five minutes of a daily shower waste 25 gallons of water. That means you are wasting so much water daily in your bathing. 

So, now what? Stop bathing. No, you should adopt a more environmental-friendly method of showering - steam shower. In the steam shower, less water is used, and it is more relaxing than a regular bath. So, you can gain two benefits by replacing your shower stall or bathtub. 

Upgrade your Toilet 

Usually, when you flush your toilet, you waste gallons of water daily. This water flush can waste so much good water for unnecessary. Thus, you should adopt new technologies to flush your junk, such as vacuuming. In the vacuum toilets, the air pressure is used for flushing out your waste like toilet seats used in aeroplanes. 

Additionally, you can use electric bidgets to reduce the usage of toilet paper. Bidgets can protect so many trees and water supply that are merely going to flush. Thus, think about changing the way you flush to protect the environment. 

Recycle your Waste Water

Now, you can’t keep water entirely away from your bathroom. From your sink to your toilet, you need water to perform many hygienic activities. But, you can do one thing, you can install a water recycling system in your bathroom. This way, all the wastewater can be filtered and reused for other purposes like watering your garden, washing dishes, or clothes. Many bathroom contractors advise their clients to install a water filter to recycle their water and reduce their carbon footprints. 

Replace your Water Heater

If you checkout your electricity consumption level carefully, you will realise that a major part of your electricity is used for water heating purposes. Whether you heat your shower water or dishwashing water, you are spending a lot of energy on heating your water. Additionally, if you are still using the old water heater system of your grandma’s era, you are even further wasting energy on water heating. 

Thus, you should replace your water heater today and get an energy-efficient one. You can even get gas or solar water heaters to save 100% of water heating energy. With this one step, you can save the environment as well as the money that you pay to electricity suppliers. 

There are many ways to complete small bathroom renovations using eco-friendly solutions. You can help the environment a lot by making small changes in your bathroom remodeling projects. If you are seeking bathroom remodeling companies to complete your renovation project effectively, you can contact Beauchain Builders. We have a team of competent bathroom contractors who can use eco-friendly ways to renovate your bathroom. Give us a call anytime, and we will completely modify your home. 

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