Efficacious Herbal Ingredients to Increase Endurance

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Publish Date : 2021-03-25 19:08:27

Efficacious Herbal Ingredients to Increase Endurance

Indonesia is known as a producer of many nutritious herbal plants. Herbal plants, hereditary, become medicinal raw materials. Not only comes from leaves but also tubers, stems or flowers. Although not all of them have been clinically tested, the active ingredients are effective in overcoming health problems.

the benefits of herbal ingredients
One product that uses herbal ingredients is Tolak Angin, which is a native Indonesian herbal product since 1930 and has been empirically and scientifically proven to be able to overcome colds and its symptoms and to increase endurance.


The composition is 100% herbal, with the main ingredients such as ginger, mint leaves, fennel, ules wood, clove leaves and honey.

Let's get to know the benefits of some of the herbal ingredients found in Tolak Angin.
1. Ginger, Latin name Zingiberis rhizoma
Has the property to be able to warm the body. In addition, ginger can also treat nausea, vomiting, and flatulence.

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2. Fennel fruit, or the Latin name Foeniculi fructus.
Has benefits as a throat lozenges. It is able to help thin and expel phlegm, and reduce inflammation in the throat.

3. Ules wood Latin name Isorae fructus
Has analgesic properties which are useful for reducing pain or soreness. Ules wood is also useful for increasing appetite and increasing body immunity.

4. Clove leaves, with the Latin name Caryophylli folium
Has properties to treat pain in inflammation.

5. Honey
Can fight bacteria and also increase endurance

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Not only is it made from quality herbal ingredients, the production process is also carried out with a standard method of making good and correct medicine or GMP.

The Tolak Angin efficacy test was conducted in 2007 in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University. The results prove that drinking 2 sachets of Tolak Angin every day can increase T cells as an indicator of increased endurance.

The toxicity test was carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy, Sanata Dharma University. The results prove that Reject Wind is safe for consumption every day in the long term according to the recommended dosage, does not damage organs such as kidneys, liver and others (no side effects).

Each batch of Tolak Angin production has also been tested to ensure that its products are free of Aflatoxins, free of microbial contamination, free of heavy metals, free of fertilizers and pesticides and also a DNA test to ensure that Tolak Angin is free of haram substances so that it is safe and definitely Halal.

There are also other product variants of Tolak Angin, such as Tolak Angin Sugar Free, Tolak Angin Flu, Tolak Angin Anak, Tolak Angin and Tolak Angin sugar free candy as well as Tolak Angin Care, aromatherapy roll on wind oil.

Don't forget, to maintain health and increase endurance, choose one that has scientific evidence!
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