Emotionally immature people can grow too. The first step to becoming an emotionally mature person is to be aware of the

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Emotionally immature people can grow too. The first step to becoming an emotionally mature person is to be aware of the

When they need something, they focus only on satisfying the temporary need, spending all the money they have, and even more. They sign in for reckless investments or ask for loans they can’t afford.





















hours of October 15, 1917, the woman known all over the world as Mata Hari was executed by a French firing squad, having been tried and convicted of espionage. There is much speculation among scholars as to whether or not she was guilty. Here, accompanied by vintage photos beautifully colorized by Russian artist Olga Shirnia, is her story.

Comparisons between the Holocaust and slavery was another thing that my ex-girlfriend found particularly irksome. By her account, Jewish people sometimes try to show solidarity with Black people by talking about Jews who died at the hands of Nazi’s during the Holocaust. This is a terrible idea — and incredibly insensitive my ex-girlfriend told me — because it’s ludicrous to compare one people’s suffering to another people’s suffering.

There is scant evidence that the Founding Fathers thought twice about owning other human beings. (While Thomas Jefferson publicly condemned slavery, he nevertheless enslaved hundreds of people). In other words, the man who wrote “All men are created equal” did his part to make sure they weren’t. As such, many Black people, consider racism as enshrined in the core documents of American democracy — and cannot see the people who created them redeemable.

Study budget planning. There ad experts in budgeting who can help you make the most out of your monthly salary, no matter how much it is. Create a strategy to control income and expenses and do your best to stick to it. Understand which costs aren’t related to necessary purchases (food, bills, rent) and cut them. Plan for your retirement and start saving a small amount each month. Also, create an emergency found to use only if a severe accident or a life matter situation happens.

There are many synagogues in America and other parts of the world that have few white members. If I were to visit some synagogues in Chicago, Philadelphia and other major cities, I might be the only white person there. Africa also has its share of Jewish people. Ethiopia, for instance, claims a long heritage of Judaism, that goes back some 2,000 years.

When I went out with my then-girlfriend, she frequently told me we got “stares” or “looks,” as if something was wrong. I didn’t see it, but one of my Black friends in graduate school who was married to a white woman said he had similar experiences.

For example, in a film about the mafia — I forget the movie’s name — a white man tells a Black man: “take your scraps with you” before the Black man leaves the room. I didn’t know it before I was told, but plantation owners frequently fed the people they enslaved the scraps of their food — the pieces that they didn’t want, and you wouldn’t have wanted either. In the film, the Black man showed resentment for being told to “take his scraps” — but I wouldn’t have known why, if she hadn’t told me.

Black people in America often find solidarity and fraternity with other People of Color here — particularly Asian-Americans — because they have faced similar types of racism. My ex-girlfriend was no exception. Some of her closest friends were Asian or Asian-American. In a similar vein, the past year has been particularly challenging for Asian-Americans because they are sometimes unfairly blamed for the pandemic.

Also, it’s worth noting that, while 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust, some figures estimate that as many as 200 million African slaves perished in transit to America. I urge you to remember these figures before thinking about comparing slavery to the Holocaust. Both were atrocious.

My ex-girlfriend also educated me about racism in film. At the most unexpected times, she pressed pause on the movies we were watching and pointed out racism in movie scenes. Through these experiences, I learned that films often portray racism in ways that are invisible to white people.

Many white people think that all Black people talk the same, and could fit right in a neighborhood where Black people speak a street dialect. This couldn’t be farther from the case, and it sometimes causes awkward situations, like when a white person asks a Black person why he doesn’t “talk black.”

Yet, as I learned from my ex-girlfriend, while slavery stretched across the Antebellum South — many people supported the abolition of slavery from the earliest days of the American Republic. As such, it’s not acceptable to consider George Washington, in being a slave-holder, to be a man of his day.

In synagogues that are mainly populated by white people Jews of Color are sometimes viewed as curiosities — people who white members aren’t sure belong there. It’s not unusual, my ex-girlfriend told me, for white Jews to ask Jews of Color how they became Jewish, a line of questioning that she found particularly insulting. (It’s considered rude in Judaism to ask converts why the decided to become Jewish. It’s even ruder to assume that someone converted because they don’t ‘look Jewish.)

The best way to stop holding grudges to others is to forgive them even if you don’t understand or find a rational reason behind their actions. Forgiving who did wrong to you also means to let go of every negative feeling connected to that person or story.

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