Explain White Hat vs Black Hat Hacker !

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Explain White Hat vs Black Hat Hacker !

What Is “Hacker”?

Hacking is an attempt to use a computer system or a private network inside a computer. In short, it is unauthorized access or control of computer network security systems for some illegal purposes.

Hackers are designed to investigate systems or networks to discover weak links that malicious hackers can exploit or destroy. They collect and analyze information to find ways to enhance system/network/application security. In this way, they can improve their security footprint to better resist or divert attacks. Do you want to learn ethical hacking? No worry you find an Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi. There are too many options.


Ethical hackers check critical vulnerabilities including but not limited to:

  • Injection attack
  • Security settings change
  • Expose sensitive data
  • Violation of certification agreement
  • Components in a system or network that can be used as access points

White Hat Vs Black Hat Hacker?

The best way to distinguish a white hat and black hat hackers is to look at their motivations. The motivation of black hat hackers is malicious, manifested in personal gain, profit, or harassment. White hat hackers look for and correct vulnerabilities to prevent black hat exploitation.

Other ways to distinguish White Hat and Black Hat hackers include:

Techniques used: White hat hackers copied the techniques and methods followed by malicious hackers to discover system differences and copied all the steps of the latter to discover how system attacks occurred or might occur. If they find a weak link in the system or network, they will report and fix the defect immediately.

Legality: Even though White Hat hackers follow the same techniques and methods as Black Hat hackers, only one is legal. Black hat hackers violate the law by penetrating the system without permission.

Ownership: Organizations hire white hat hackers to hack into their systems and detect security issues. Black hat hackers neither own the system nor work for the people who own it.


The movie may be the culprit for most of the public not understanding the actual behavior of hackers. Whenever we hear about a hacker intrusion, we conceive a series of very specific metaphors in our brains. A man in a hoodie was typing in the middle of the night, and the green light of the binary code illuminates his Doritos dust-covered fingers. A lonely genius who can obtain a god-like ability through "rerouting encryption" or "evaluating nodes". A playful and powerful creature can invade a mainframe in one night. However, the biggest ignorance of hackers is that there are several types of hackers. When working inside or outside the cybersecurity field, we usually divide hackers into three main categories. These categories are white hat hackers, black hat hackers, and gray hat hackers.

Context and terminology

The terms "white hat" and "black hat" specifically refer to hackers' motivations and practices. These terms come from the ancient western food of spaghetti. Filmmakers usually give symbolic meaning to small details such as clothing details to further consolidate the concept, thereby creating a specific film language, which can also be enhanced or subverted by other films. Among the ancient Westerners, the most popular is "The Train Robbery". Good people wear white hats and bad people wear black hats. Therefore, people apply the term to ethical hackers and criminal hackers.

Black hat hacker

Black hat hackers are more in line with the description of the media. They are hackers who break into systems, steal information, manipulate data, and undermine security. As for motives, they are usually motivated by financial interests (card theft, identity theft), political interests (damaging websites, creating bots to manipulate information), or maliciousness. Their attacks range from simple malware propagation to complex exploits and data theft.

White hat hacker

On the other hand, white hat hackers are called "ethical hackers." These hackers are often hired by the government to protect data from Black Hat Hacker attacks. For example, for a white hat hacker, a very common job is a penetration tester. A penetration tester is someone who is hired to break into someone's system so that they can outline the flaws of the system. These tests help provide guidance to companies that want to strengthen their systems. In addition, they also help prevent cybercrime.


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