Few Advantages Of Having Zippered Mattress Cover

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Publish Date : 2020-05-21 08:01:57

Few Advantages Of Having Zippered Mattress Cover

Everyone knows about the benefits that they can get from the right mattress, but most people ignore the importance of a proper mattress cover. A decent mattress cover can convert any mattress into a beneficial one.

Here are a few reasons why people should be using mattress covers:

●  Keeps Mattress Stain Free: Beds are used for various purposes that can cause stains on the sheet as well as on the mattress. Most of these stains are permanent, and it makes the mattress look bad. By protecting it with a decent cover, people can easily save it from staining.

●  Provides Comfort: Some mattress covers are designed in a way that they provide additional comfort to the sleeper. Also, as the cover stretches to fit, it gives a straighter surface to sleep.

There are two types of mattress covers available in the market. The first one is the fitted mattress cover, which covers only the top and sides of the mattress. It is just like a sheet that is fitted to the mattress. Another one is the zippered mattress cover, which covers the complete mattress and is closed using a zip. It can be a little tough to put on, but the benefits it provides make it worth the effort. Here are some of the advantages of using a zippered mattress cover.

Protects Well-

While the fitted mattress cover only covers the top and sides of the mattress, a zippered mattress cover gives full coverage. Not only it keeps the entire mattress safe, but it also provides extra protection for the sleeper against allergens and bed bugs. The mattress might have chemicals that can cause allergies to the sleeper. With an organic mattress cover, people can avoid this.

Increases The Life Of The Mattress-

As the zippered mattress protector covers the mattress from all sides, it provides better protection to it, which, in turn, reduces the wear and tear of the mattress, and its durability increases. This is most beneficial for people who buy expensive mattresses. They can make the most out of their investment.

Good For Outdoors-

Fitted covers leave the mattress open from the bottom, which makes it a wrong fit for outdoor uses like camping. With zippered ones, people can easily use the mattress outdoors without the worry of spoiling it with dust and moisture.

Less Care-

People might need to take off the fitted protectors to clean them because of their regular maintenance requirements. Along with that, they might also need to clean the mattress as it was left open from one side. With a zippered mattress protector, they can keep all this hassle aside and sleep well. This is because it not only provides protection to the mattress but also requires less maintenance. So there are no cleaning issues.


With so many benefits with a single product, people should always consider buying a zippered mattress protector along with their mattress. 

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