Five Things to Do After Rehab

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Publish Date : 2020-06-03 06:57:57

Five Things to Do After Rehab

Addiction of any kind that has gone to very high levels need rehabilitation. Although, the process of rehabilitation ensures one of complete recovery, the process is a long- time, never-ending one. Rehab in Pune does not guarantee you of complete recovery as chances of relapse are stronger if you do not complete the course. There is much need to take care of yourself even after the rehab period is over. We list below five steps people can follow rehab to make the transition an easy one.

  1. Find sober friends - You often get addicted to a substance under the influence of someone. Sometimes pressure from close friends result in excessive use of drugs. After rehab, you must spend time with no-drug friends to induce sobriety in you. You will not be led into temptation to use drugs if the people you surround yourself with, are sober and use other methods of fun in parties and social gatherings, other than using drugs. Sober friends will help in your faster recovery from substance abuse.

  2. Move away from places and things that give you bad memories - For some people past reminders of drug abuse cause an impediment in the recovery process. For example, your neighbourhood and its surroundings may give you bad memories of the addiction. The nearby drug dealers, or the park where you got on a high, may tempt you to crave for drugs. You may consider leaving the neighbourhood and moving to a different place, to restart your life on a clean slate.

  3. Visit doctor for follow ups - There are various steps involved in a drug rehab program. The intensity of the care provided becomes less with the climb of each step in the rehab program. The addicts are then able to handle sobriety without any help. This implies that even if the formal rehab program is completed, one must make appointments with counsellors to set goals for the future.

  4. Focus on mental health - After the rehab, when one goes back to his earlier life routine, it can play havoc in the minds of the people, especially if it is a craving of a drug or alcohol. Those who are recovering from substance abuse must not let negative thoughts enter their mind. A relapse is more likely to happen, if sadness or depression is building in the mind of the such a case, you must focus on keeping your mental health in a sound condition. Doing things that bring positivity in you is important. Meditation and yoga could relieve anxiety in you.

  5. Help someone else overcome addiction - Helping others who are undergoing rehab can, in turn, improve your life as well. By sharing experiences, one can ponder on their own struggles in overcoming addiction. You can participate in community events or volunteer at a childcare Centre. 

You must follow the above steps after you complete your course at the best rehab centre in Pune to ensure that the chances of relapse are no more and that you start your life on a fresh note.

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