Foods that are good for heart health

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Foods that are good for heart health

The heart is one of the vital organs that works without stopping. This organ plays an important role in pumping blood throughout the body to support a person's survival. It should be if heart health is well maintained.

Maintaining the health of this one organ you can do with a few simple steps, such as exercising, not smoking, and maintaining an ideal body weight. However, these things still cannot fully keep your heart healthy. As a support, you can eat some of the foods below to improve your heart health:

1. Consume Omega-3
You can get omega-3 content from tuna. To get more omega-3 content, you can eat white tuna. How to enjoy this tuna can be grilled with a mixture of a little lemon. Besides tuna, you can also get omega-3 content in mackerel or sardines.

2. Consumption of Salmon
Omega-3 in salmon is not in doubt. This fish is the best food you can consume to maintain heart health. For maximum results, in one week you can eat two servings of salmon. You can eat this fish by grilling it, mixed with spices and vegetables.

3. Consumption of Citrus Fruits
Oranges contain pectin fiber which can fight cholesterol. This fruit also contains potassium which helps control blood pressure. You can consume two cups of warm oranges every day to improve blood vessel health and lower blood pressure to keep your heart healthy.

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4. Consumption of Tofu
Tofu contains a large amount of vegetarian protein. This content is rich in minerals, fiber, and polyunsaturated fats which are useful for your heart health.

5. Consume Oatmeal
You can consume oatmeal as the main food. These foods can help keep your blood sugar levels stable. The fiber in oatmeal can also nourish the heart and reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body.

6. Consume Yogurt with Low Fat Content
You can choose low-fat yogurt to keep your heart healthy. The content in this yogurt will help the body in controlling high blood pressure. In addition, yogurt is rich in potassium and calcium, which are good for your bone health.

7. Consume Blueberries
This fruit is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and anthocyanins that are good for blood vessels. This fruit also has a lot of fiber which is useful for your digestion. So, there is nothing to lose if you eat this one fruit every day.

8. Consume Almonds
Almonds contain sterols, fiber, and fats that are good for heart health. These nuts can help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the body. For maximum results, you can consume almonds as much as one handful a day.

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To maintain heart health, you can start by getting used to a healthy lifestyle. In addition to consuming some of the foods above, for maximum results you are also advised to manage stress well and regularly check your health so that your heart health is maintained. With Halodoc, you can make appointments with doctors at the hospital of your choice. For that, download the application immediately!

read also Stroke Symptoms
Each part of the brain controls different parts of the body, so the symptoms of a stroke depend on which part of the brain is affected and the degree of damage. That is why the symptoms or signs of stroke can vary from person to person. However, most strokes appear suddenly. There are three main symptoms of a stroke that are easy to recognize, namely:

One side of the face will appear drooping and unable to smile due to drooping mouth or eyes.
Inability to lift an arm due to weakness or numbness. Not only the arm, the leg that is on one side of the arm also experiences weakness.
Speech is unclear, chaotic, or even unable to speak at all even though the sufferer looks conscious.
Some of the other symptoms and signs of stroke include:

Nausea and vomiting.
Severe headache that comes suddenly, accompanied by neck stiffness and dizziness (vertigo).
Loss of consciousness.
Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), resulting in choking.
Disorders of balance and coordination.
Sudden loss of vision or double vision.

Stroke Diagnosis
If you experience symptoms as above, immediately go to the hospital for treatment. In order to determine the most appropriate type of treatment for people with stroke, the doctor will first evaluate the type of stroke and the area of ​​the brain that has had a stroke.

As a first step in the diagnosis, the doctor asks the patient or family members of the patient about several things, which include:

The symptoms experienced, the onset of symptoms, and what the patient was doing when the symptoms appeared.
Types of drugs that are being consumed.
Has the patient had a head injury.
Checking the medical history of the person and family of people with heart disease, mild stroke (TIA), and stroke.

Then, the doctor performs a complete physical examination of the patient, which usually begins by checking the blood pressure, heart rate, and abnormal noises in the neck blood vessels using a stethoscope.

The doctor can also recommend further tests, such as blood tests, CT scans, MRI, electrocardiography, carotid Doppler ultrasound, and echocardiography.

Stroke Complications
Stroke can cause a variety of complications, and most of these complications are fatal. Several types of complications that may arise include:

Deep vein thrombosis. Some people will experience blood clots in the limbs that are paralyzed. This condition is known as deep vein thrombosis. This condition occurs due to stopping movement of the leg muscles, so that the flow in the leg veins is interrupted. This increases the risk for blood clots. Deep vein thrombosis can be treated with anticoagulant drugs.
Some people with hemorrhagic strokes can experience hydrocephalus, which is the accumulation of brain fluid in cavities deep in the brain (ventricles). The neurosurgeon will insert a tube into the brain to remove the accumulated fluid.
The damage caused by a stroke can interfere with the swallowing reflex, resulting in the risk of food and drink getting into the respiratory tract. This swallowing problem is known as dysphagia. Dysphagia can lead to aspiration pneumonia.

Stroke Treatment
The specific treatment given to people with stroke depends on the type of stroke they experienced, ischemic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke.

Ischemic stroke treatment. Initial treatment will focus on maintaining the airway, controlling blood pressure, and restoring blood flow.
Hemorrhagic stroke treatment. In cases of hemorrhagic stroke, initial treatment aims to reduce pressure on the brain and control bleeding. There are several forms of treatment for hemorrhagic stroke, including taking drugs and surgery.
TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) treatment. TIA treatment aims to reduce the risk factors that can lead to stroke, so that heart disease can be prevented. Medicines will be given by the doctor to overcome it. In some cases, a carotid endarterectomy is required if there is a build-up of fat in the carotid arteries.

Stroke Prevention
The main way to prevent stroke is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In addition, identify and avoid risk factors, and follow the doctor's recommendations. Various stroke prevention measures, including:

Keep the diet. Eating too many salty and fatty foods can increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood and the risk of causing hypertension which can lead to stroke. Avoid excessive salt consumption. The ideal salt consumption is 6 grams or one teaspoon per day. The recommended foods are foods rich in unsaturated fats, protein, vitamins, and fiber. All these nutrients can be obtained from vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean meats such as d

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