How ASRS help you with its Pest control services in Sydney?

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How ASRS help you with its Pest control services in Sydney?

MICE is a common pest in Sydney. We will precisely discuss and prove the importance of pest control services in Sydney by taking the Mice problem as an example. In case you encountered Pests, for instance, mice in your workplace of residence, what would be the role of professional pest control service providers in your area.   

Recognize a mouse invasion

Do you know how to recognize a mouse infestation? Typical signs are as follows:

You can identify Mice in your business or home through

scratching noises in walls and ceilings. Visible excrement is also a sign of mouse invasion in your area. Mouse droppings look like black rice grains, in elongated shape; found mostly along walls or in the spots frequently visited by mice such as cupboards, under pallets or in storage areas. A mouse produces up to 80 feces a day!

Traces of Fat also signify mice presence.  Infrequent places, mice leave a black mark caused by their greasy coat rubbing against the walls.

Noticeable Distinct smell is evidence of mice habitation. Mice give off a typical odour that is a mixture of musk and ammonia. The stinky smell is mainly evident in closed spaces.

Nibbling damage is confirmation that the mouse has visited the place. Mice teeth keep on growing, which is why they bite into anything to sharpen them (electrical wires, insulating materials, frames, etc.)

Mice use cardboard, insulation materials, or paper to make their nests. They nest in hidden places that are difficult to access, such as in cavity walls, in false ceilings, under floors, or in attics and warehouses.

Recognize the different species of mice

Are you the victim of a mouse infestation and want to know what species it is? The mouse species in Australia, Sydney are as follows:

field mouse

house mouse

field vole

Mice pose a threat to health and hygiene. 

Mice are carriers of several diseases and bacteria. They can transfer these diseases to your food or your drinking water.

Besides, they can also cause severe damage by nibbling at your business or home. This result in financial damage because the items affected by mouse nibbling have to be repaired or replaced. Additionally, mice can cause image loss, especially if your employees and customers know you have a mouse problem on your premises.

Prevent and fight mice in the house

It is crucial, preventively, to find the place where the mice enter your home. Mice can enter your home through a crack in an exterior wall, cavity wall, false ceiling, front door, back door, or garage door. A space of 1cm under a door is enough.


Gutters and roof tiles

Openings in the foundations

Heating and air conditioning pipes

Avoiding the presence of mice is the first step in preventing and effectively controlling rodents. Here are some tips for mice control in your building:


Close waste containers and bins and keep the outdoor environment clean.

Keep your lawn and vegetation short.

Place grilles over ventilation openings and aeration to the outside.

Close the Patch cracks and holes. A mouse can comfortably go through small holes with a diameter of 0.6 cm.

Clean regularly.

Close your food reserve tightly.

If there is a mouse infestation, you can try to resolve the problem yourself. Our team of expert pest controllers can intervene to assist you with professional pest control services in Sydney.

They first do a thorough environmental inspection. Then determine the correct method of rat control and take into account adequate pest control.

Professional biocides, non-toxic products, electronic monitoring of the presence of rodents, glue plates, Etc. can be set up to get rid of mice.


Our experts will also guide you to control and avoid mice by taking the right measures and establishing a pest prevention plan.

Professional control and prevention against mice in your company

For ASRS, the priority is to keep your building and your environment free of mice. Good hygiene is a fundamental requirement for both individuals and businesses. In addition to pest control, prevention is our ultimate goal. The best way to solve a problem is to avoid it.


Unfortunately, prevention of rodents and pests is not always possible and professional control is necessary to avoid damage and health problems. That is why our experts put forth their services by carrying out a thorough inspection of the environment and your building during the start-up phase of the pest control plan based on the IPM (Integrated Pest Management Technique), following Australian legislation on pest control and prevention. After their inspection, they determine how to implement the pest control plan at the targetted place. 

ASRS has several solutions, both tox and non-tox, to effectively kill mice:

With baits containing toxic paste or with traps, placed and fixed by our qualified technicians.

With the “RADAR” mousetrap for a biocide-free fight: The Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance is an innovative and animal-friendly system that meets the most stringent safety and health requirements in specific sectors. This smart trap can capture mice quickly, humanely, hygienically and without risk of contamination.

We have a Connect notification system. Customers are informed of the situation from the company 24 hours a day throughout the week.

We also use this system in combination with the ASRS digital reporting system.

ASRS, your professional partner in SYDNEY for the fight against pests and pests control.

ASRS has been your reliable partner for many years in creating a safe and healthy environment in your business and your home. We have the necessary quality and safety certificates.


Are you looking for a specialized pest control company for your business or home in Sydney? Do you have another question about ecological and animal-friendly pest control Service in Sydney ? Please contact the experts at Australian Sustainable Resource Solutions. We have a quick, efficient and discreet solution and a free quote. Our certified specialists have the equipment, resources and expertise to fight and prevent pests quickly and effectively in your area, Sydney.

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