How to Design Your Own Space to Work from Home

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How to Design Your Own Space to Work from Home

Do you work from home? Do you know that with the right tips from HomeMakerGuide, you can design the perfect workspace in your home? Creating or defining a professional work area will help you separate your personal life from business life and make you more productive.

Several companies are today allowing their employees to work from home. Working from home also offers employees several advantages, such as flexibility. However, with flexibility also comes responsibility, and to successfully work from home, you should have a work area with the perfect work setting. 

With some little planning, dedication, and some good work from home ideas, you can create the perfect workspace from your kitchen table, dining room table, or any other space that you have in your home. 

If you are asking yourself how you can create good work from a home office, here are some tips that can help you design your workspace. 

1. Choose One Area

If you share your house with roommates, your spouse, or children, it may be best to find a quiet area that will allow you to have some privacy. Get that unused spare room with a door to help reduce noise and work on it. 

If you have no spare room, you can choose any underused space like a corner in your dining area or living room and transform it into your workspace.

Whichever room or space you choose, try to ensure that it is large enough to accommodate your office needs. You may also want to ensure that you have a strategy that will help you minimize distractions.

2. De-Clutter the Work Area

Once you have identified your work from the home office area, you should get rid of anything that you do not need. Having some good elbow room will ensure that you have a flexible and inviting workspace.  

Clear out over stacked shelves, boxes, drawers, and any other thing that makes the room or space untidy. You also want to make sure that the work desk is tidy. Therefore get a pen cup, desk organizers, and a paper bin for your trash.

Make sure that you have enough space for comfortable furniture and your work from home equipment.

work from home office setup


3. Consider the Lighting

While designing your home office, one of the work from home tips, you should never forget proper lighting. You need to set up your home office, where there is plenty of light. If you’re working late, try to have warm lights because it improves relaxation.

Daylight or cold lights, on the other hand, help to improve alertness and productivity. The location you choose should have windows so that you can be exposed to as much daylight as possible.

Natural light also helps to reduce eye strain and headaches. You may also consider keeping a plant in your work area for that added touch of décor and also to help have a healthier working environment.

4. Set up a Professional Work Environment

Having a makeshift workspace will make you feel inefficient and will also discourage you from working. As much good lighting and location are essential, you want to make sure that your workspace looks professional.

Some of the work from home ideas that can help you create a professional work environment include:

  • Have a dedicated phone

One of the work from home benefits is reduced overhead expenses. However, sharing a phone between your business and home can cost you. You do not want your clients or bosses to get an unprofessional voicemail or risk having a child answer the phone.

Get a separate professional line, cell phone, or a VoIP that will allow you to separate your professional life from your personal one. 

  • Keep your gadgets aside

It is easy to get distracted when the camera or your supervisor is not monitoring you. To ensure that you stay focused, you should keep your gadgets aside. Keeping your smartphone so close to you will affect your productivity.

If you do not have to use your smartphone or other work devices, find a dedicated drawer or spot and store them there. Try to have only the work from home accessories that you need on your desk. 

As you work on separating your personal work from your professional, you should also make sure that you keep your important documents, files, records, and any other paperwork in your workspace and not all over the house.

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Remember, your home office does not have to look like a traditional office setting, however having the right tools like a stapler, scratch pads, and sticky notes will make your workspace look more professional. What you need in your office will also depend on the type of work you do.


It is possible to design the perfect workspace and work from home anywhere successfully. Whether you have a spare room or not, you can still have a good home office area. Though creativity can take place anywhere, a dedicated and professional work area will ensure that you are more productive and efficient.

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