How to find the best stock broker in India?

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Publish Date : 2021-04-28 10:43:49

How to find the best stock broker in India?

Stocks and Bonds are two of the most commonly known investment methods in the Indian market. Stocks are shares of ownership of a certain company. Just like a human body is made of millions of cells, big organisations have millions of stocks that constitute their existence. Now, before you start looking for a stock broker companies list online, it’s best to know how the stock investment works.

How stocks work?

Whenever someone buys a stock of a company, they receive a percentage of ownership of that company. Once the money is invested, the investors carefully wait and analyse the growth or depletion of the company's value. If there is growth, then the stock selling price increases and investors can sell them at a profit. However, if the company incurs an annual loss, then the stocks are sold at a loss. Stocks can be owned by a person from anywhere between 5 years to 20 years, depending upon the company policies. 


Stock trading is a great way to make money. It can convert rags to riches within days. It provides unmatched liquidity and one can gather cash from their stocks within seconds. It is a great asset for old age and ensures constant growth if properly invested. 

How to find the best stock broker?

Now, let us assume you know all this and you are interested in start investing in stocks. Before you do so, you must know stock trading needs constant supervision and experience to excel. A stockbroker can assist you through the process and help you earn a profit.


Here are a few suggestions you should follow to find the best stock broker for small investor in India

Know what you need

Before you start looking for a stock market broker, take a moment to reflect on what you might actually need. If you are an active investor, you should aim for the best brokers who excel in their trade. Otherwise, if you plan to become a passive or temporary investor, check for the lowest prices among stockbrokers available in the market.  

Get enlightened with specifics


Now you have a general idea. You know where, how and how much you want to invest. So, now it’s time to look at the credential of the stock market broker. Form here, we suggest following all the paperwork carefully. Often stock broker companies provide numerous clauses on their contracts, read them thoroughly and clarify your doubts. Check if the company provides you with assistance and insurance if they fail.

Figure out the fees  

No service in the financial sector is free. Thus, read all documents related to fees carefully. Get to know how much they would charge for:

  • Opening an account

  • Monthly maintenance fees

  • Broker fee

  • Margin rates

  • Bonuses

  • Trading commissions, etc.

If all the fees stricture is clear to you only then think about taking the next steps.

The cheapest may not always be the best

Services of stock brokers often demand a good fee and often, people try to find out the cheapest option to save money. But, we advise you to not be shy to spend for the service you will receive, as the cheapest stock broker in India may not always provide the best services. Especially if it is your first attempt at investing, try to spend a few extra bucks on getting someone who has had a few years of experience. 

Analyse how they handle your demands  

The credibility of an investor can be successfully tested in how they approach new investors. Good brokers will provide you with all first-hand information and always suggest you the safest bet for the medieval attempt. Specific sectors like e-commerce and electronics are some of those that suffer the lowest percentage of crashes in the stock market.  

Test the Broker’s performance


This can be done by various methods:


  • Check the past user reviews about the company or person. 

  • The type of security they provide on the invested sum.

  • The ways they trade stocks 

  • If they trade in extended hours.

  • How do they keep track of investments and ensure their safe transaction to user accounts?


In the case of choosing a company to entrust them with your investment, ask these questions.

  • Where do they stand in the ranking of stock broker companies list?

  • How do they enlighten you about the processes and other features related to the investment?

  • Their ease of depositing and withdrawal of fluid cash. 

  • Check their Online portal backup to protect your stocks against hacking threats.

  • How do they provide updates about changes in market conditions ASAP to the investors?

Check the customer service 

The best stock broker for small investor in India should provide round-the-clock customer service. Good customer service ensures a good consumer-producer relationship that helps the industry to flourish. 

Here are some basic steps and questions that will help you identify the best person for your investments. But, one has to keep in mind great service costs great bucks, and if you are thinking about investing in your medieval stock, try out LKP Securities. It is one of the best and cheapest stock broker in India.

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