How to Prepare for Trivia? Tips and Tricks

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Publish Date : 2021-03-24 08:59:00

How to Prepare for Trivia? Tips and Tricks

Online trivia games make learning fun, engaging and have many benefits. It improves your knowledge, reduces stress, and makes you happy. Trivia quiz consists of various topics from conventional to personalized and provides an excellent opportunity to learn in a fun and enthusiastic way. Be it a beginner or a pro, everyone wants to win their game.

How to Prepare for Trivia

Here are some simple steps to win and learn trivia games.


To be a pro in trivia games, you need more practice. The more you play, the more you learn. To win a trivia quiz, you must be well-versed in all the topics, right from general topics like sports trivia, Entertainment trivia, & etc, to current affairs. 

1. Reading the newspaper every day gives you knowledge in general topics to current affairs. 

2. Take note of all the important information you come across. It can help you to learn new facts. 

3. To know the previous year’s happenings, get yourself a copy of the latest yearbook. If possible, try to collect all last years’ “yearbooks.” 

4. Watch quiz shows and try all online trivia games. This will give you an insight into the topics, and you’ll have an idea of how online trivia are played.

5. Create your quiz group with your family and friends. Share your score with them and make your trivia games more lively.

Trivia Training

1. Be Curious 

Curiosity makes your mind active and observant. It also makes you want to learn more things. Being curious makes you pick up bits of knowledge and information over time. 

2. Play What You like 

To boost your interest in trivia, start playing with great topics. If you like history, play history trivia, or if you like entertainment, play entertainment trivia. Start playing with the topics you like. To make your trivia experience better and easier, start with your favorite topics.

3. Stay up to Date

The simplest and best way to learn and win trivia is to stay up-to-date with the world’s latest happenings. You don’t have to spend separate time learning trivia. Habits like reading books, watching the news, and reading newspapers will make you stay informed. This makes you learn about various topics. 

4. Don’t Just Memorize

Don’t memorize or by-heart like you’re preparing for an exam. If you memorize, you’ll lose focus, You won’t get a deeper understanding of the subject, and you’ll find that frustrating. There are many ways to learn in a fun way. 

How to Be Good at Trivia

No one is a born genius. It takes practice and learning for you to get better over time. Curiosity and interest are the two most important aspects of trivia preparation. Not just watching the news, surfing the web, or reading newspapers/magazines makes you good at trivia. You have to pay attention and memorize.  To be good at trivia, you need to learn daily and keep practicing.

  • Keep it simple-  Read the  information that is more streamlined and crisp 

  • Read newspapers every day 

  • Download trivia apps 

  • Buy general knowledge books and practice 

  • Play more online trivia games

  • Maintain a note, jot down the facts

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