How to Redeem McAfee LiveSafe Key

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How to Redeem McAfee LiveSafe Key

McAfee Inc. is a globally known cybersecurity company which offers various advanced security software tools and features. McAfee LiveSafe is one of the top products of McAfee. Installing McAfee on your device will provide advanced cybersecurity to your device and data. McAfee provides excellent scanning properties where it flushes out all the existing malware programs from the PC. McAfee antivirus provides better internet protection tools which prevent all the cyber threats. McAfee LifeSafe is a reliable antivirus program which is compatible with your PC. You can easily install McAfee antivirus on your device. 

Things to consider before installing McAfee antivirus

Check McAfee resource requirements 

McAfee LiveSafe antivirus has some resource requirements for installation. McAfee will only get installed on the PC when your device fulfils all the resource requirements of your McAfee. Before you install McAfee, check the resource and inspect your device. If your device is unable to fulfil the requirements then upgrade the system. 

Check the free disk space on your computer

McAfee antivirus will need free disk space for scanning the PC properly. If the free disk space is low then add a hard disk on your device. You can also increase the free disk space by removing the large files from the system. If you have large files like movies, videos etc then delete them. You can also uninstall heavy applications like games and editing programs for increasing the free disk space. 

Check for Windows Update

You should always check Windows updates before installing antivirus. If any new update is available for your OS then install it immediately. 

Remove another antivirus program 

If you have any antivirus program installed on your device then you should uninstall it before installing McAfee antivirus. Multiple security programs can start conflicting with each other. Before installing McAfee antivirus, uninstall another antivirus. Remove all the existing antivirus files from your device and then fix Mcafee cannot scan.

Redeeming McAfee LiveSafe Key

While installing McAfee antivirus, you have to activate your McAfee plan. If you are installing McAfee LiveSafe from a CD then you will get your key on a card. But if you are doing online installation then you will receive an activated LiveSafe program. If not, then check your email address. You will receive your LiveSafe key on your registered email address. 

McAfee installation with CD

If you have a CD drive then insert in on your disk drive. McAfee setup file will appear on your screen. Click on the file and it will start downloading on your device. Now go to your downloads and click on McAfee file. An activation window will appear on your screen. Type the McAfee key on the activation window and press the Activate button. Now follow the on-screen commands for completing the installation process. 

McAfee online installation

McAfee also provides you with an online installation service. You can easily purchase McAfee from the online store by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Open your web browser and search for McAfee website

  2. Click on Personal

  3. A list of McAfee plans will appear

  4. Click on McAfee LiveSafe

  5. You will be redirected to a shopping cart

  6. Check your order and click on Proceed

  7. Now fill all the details

  8. Enter the billing details

  9. Hit the Purchase button

Wait until you get a confirmation message on your screen and do not press the refresh button. Once complete, go to your email account which you have provided while registering to McAfee. You will receive an email from McAfee with the setup URL. Click on the URL and McAfee will start checking for the resource requirement. Wait for some time and you will get a permission prompt on your screen. Read the wizard and then click on the Allow button. McAfee antivirus will start installing on your device. You may have to follow some on-screen commands for completing the installation process. Now restart your computer and you will see a McAfee icon on your desktop. Click on the McAfee icon to open the dashboard. Now click on the full scan option for scanning your whole PC. 

You can use McAfee features until you have an active subscription. Once the subscription expires then you have to renew it. McAfee has an auto-renew feature which renews your McAfee antivirus plan a month before expiry. If you don’t want McAfee to get auto-renewed then you have to cancel the auto-renewal service.

How to Cancel McAfee auto-renewal service?

  1. Open your web browser and search for McAfee website

  2. Go to McAfee website and click on the login

  3. Now enter the McAfee credentials

  4. Go to My subscriptions

  5. Click on Auto-renewal

  6. Disable the auto-renewal service

  7. A confirmation prompt will appear

  8. Click on Confirm button

After disabling the McAfee auto-renewal mode, you have to renew your McAfee plan manually. You should always renew your McAfee plan on time to keep your device fully protected from all the threats.

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