I firmly believe that we are meant to be changed by our life experiences. We are not human time capsules or mosquitoes t

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Publish Date : 2021-01-06 07:48:05

I firmly believe that we are meant to be changed by our life experiences. We are not human time capsules or mosquitoes t

I discovered with horror after a few of these relaxer treatments that little wispy pieces of my hair were starting to detach themselves around my forehead like a halo. I reported this to my stylist. She replied that this was simply called “hair breakage” and happens to almost everyone who decides to use relaxer. C’est la vie.

I had figured that the Brazilian’s biggest drawback was that it cost roughly $400 a treatment, and this wasn’t even really a problem to me because at that time, I was working as an extremely highly paid law firm associate. But there were a few more issues I learned about once I showed up to the airy, modern salon and was promptly led to the back, past the bathrooms, past the stylist breakroom, down a small dimly lit staircase. “WTF?” I thought. I was then handed an N95 gas mask as I rounded the corner. “What the hell did you just sell me, Groupon?!”

Then, if you were fed up with Facebook and there was another app that promised not to track you or sell your data, with interoperability you could switch to that new app and still communicate with your Facebook friends. In essence, the platform loses the ability to trap you and instead has to win you over.

I was downright jubilant when I first got a Groupon promotion for “the Brazilian” in my email inbox back in 2010. The ad featured a woman with light brown skin, brown eyes, and hair that was as sleek, shiny, and straight as frickin’ sealskin. Not only did this model look exactly the way I had always wanted to look, but the straightener was apparently derived from a naturally occuring hair protein called keratin. Furthermore, the service was being offered by a chic salon in the heart of Manhattan’s mostly White Upper East Side. Win, win, win!

Let’s clear it up right out of the gate: The Brazilian Blowout is a hair straightening treatment. (You should have seen my husband’s face the first time I told him I was heading out for one of these.)





















ial-purpose, high-performance, and efficient implementation of SharedFlow for the narrow, but widely used case of sharing a state. See the SharedFlow documentation for the basic rules, constraints, and operators that are applicable to all shared flows.

In the United States, federal and state authorities are already conducting antitrust investigations into Amazon, Facebook, and Google. On October 20, the Department of Justice sued Google over its monopoly on search and search advertising. But given the right political circumstances, the rupture caused by an ad collapse could accelerate antitrust action to not only break up tech monopolies but also enforce rules that would limit mergers, acquisitions, and even the predatory pricing that has allowed companies to use venture capital to undercut their competition. Changing the rules that govern the market could then lead to very different outcomes.

But now look at me! I’m a deeply insecure 37-year-old with a life I love and a career that doesn’t make me envious of city workers tamping down asphalt into potholes. (This isn’t hyperbole — I used to stare out the window of my office, watching the people filling potholes and thinking about how satisfying it must be to see a smooth road at the end of their workday.)

Reflecting on the past decade, it’s clear that every part of my current life can be traced back to the death of my husband Aaron. We wrote his obituary together, before he died, and it went viral. That’s how I got a literary agent and a book deal, and how I got a job in public media. I met my current husband through my fellow widow friend Moe.

TomTom Traffic also uses the industry standards DATEX II and TPEG2 in combination with map-agnostic location methods. In other words, we do all the work to ensure there is minimal effort required to integrate our traffic products into customer solutions.

Doctorow argues that enforcing interoperability — when your various services work together regardless of who owns them — would eradicate the walled gardens erected by the major platforms. That would allow people to access posts, messages, and other data on whatever app they wanted to, instead of being beholden to the platform giants. Your iOS Messages would be portable to Signal, Facebook posts to Mastodon, and so on. Platforms would have to compete on features and user experience, not by locking your friends and family into one platform by default.

TomTom Traffic also uses the industry standards DATEX II and TPEG2 in combination with map-agnostic location methods. In other words, we do all the work to ensure there is minimal effort required to integrate our traffic products into customer solutions.

The instruction from my stylist (who repeatedly actually tried to talk me out of starting down this path) was that I should allow the goop to sit on my scalp for as long as I could tolerate it. Most people throw in the towel at the time that their noses and eyes start running profusely. The relaxer is then rinsed out and the hair remains stiffly straight (mine didn’t really “hang down,” though, much to my chagrin) for about a month or two, at which point the natural curl comes creeping back in at the roots.

In 2015, Arlan Hamilton slept on the floors of the San Francisco Airport because she couldn’t afford a hotel. Fast forward to October 2018, and she’s the head of a multi-million-dollar investment fund that invests in under-represented start-up founders.

For example, maybe you want to keep using Facebook, but it requires you give up even more of your data to remain profitable. Some people might be okay with that, but maybe you really care about privacy. So, thanks to interoperability, you subscribe to a new app called Securebook, where you can still communicate with all your Facebook friends, but there are no ads or tracking. Or maybe you go to Lookbook, where you get similar features, but it’s a barebones operation and the owners display only enough ads to keep it running, not turn big profits. But that’s fine because Facebook has to let you access your data from anywhere.

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