I volunteered a lot, and my table hated it. And these were the type of students who would ruthlessly execute any task as

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I volunteered a lot, and my table hated it. And these were the type of students who would ruthlessly execute any task as

With Zig you could build C style object-oriented system, something more akin to Go or even object-oriented programming more similar to a more dynamic language like Objective-C.

This is not exactly how it is define. I am just doing this from memory. What this allows us to do is have different open functions for files, sockets and pipes. But since they all give us a File struct back, other function can operate on this using these function pointers it contains, and this abstracts away the difference in underlying structure.

This roll-your-own approach can be very powerful. We have seen LISP programmers use this to build object-oriented programming systems in LISP, even creating multiple-dispatch systems akin to Julia.

Let me use one of Loris Cro’s examples to explain better. First he creates a linked list holding points, and assigns it to a variable only existing at compilation time called PointList:

Why is C still dominating these areas? Because the alternatives until recently have not been very good. A lot of languages in the 90s such as Java, C#, VB.NET and F# seemed to have been focused primarily on creating garbage collected managed languages. Not a great solution for the examples listed above.

I enjoyed the class because I was the type of student who loved participating in class. I always asked questions that I felt applied to my real life. Mainly, how I could use the insights from these business classes to, you know, start a business and make money.





















ge the rules set out in the code is through a democratic vote where the network has to agree to change it. The chance of consensus on changing the code was almost impossible given how many voters there were. There have been several attempts to change the code that have all failed.

To be honest this story is a bit half-baked as I realize Zig is just too big of a topic to cover in some grans sweeping story. There are so many other topics I could cover but which would simply make this story excessively long. Instead I will attempt to write multiple smaller articles focused on different aspects of Zig in the future.

In Zig we use a similar approach described in more detail here by Nathan Michaels. Zig offers better features for doing this than C, so you see it use more to create generic iterators, allocators, readers, writers and many more things in Zig.

Also keep in mind that while you can use types as any other object at compilation time, they don’t exist at runtime in Zig. So basically what we are doing here is creating a struct with nested types.

You simply define a struct with function pointers. In the Unix kernel you see something similar done to allow a generic treatment of any file descriptor whether they are a file, socket or pipe.

But if C is so bad, why has it not been replaced already? There are many reasons for that. In part it already has been replaced. Java, C#, C and many other languages already have taken over tasks previously done in C.

While Zig has not keywords for classes, or interfaces like object-oriented languages we can still build our own runtime polymorphism system akin to how C-programmers have already done so for years.

One may ask, why not build these kinds of things into the language? If you have ever used Lua, you will know some of the advantages of instead giving you the building blocks to create an object-oriented system rather than hardwiring it.

Some of the students in our class hated the teaching style. Often, our professor would ask us to volunteer for this or that during class. We sat in tables, so when one student volunteered, it meant you volunteered the whole table.

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