If there is one most important thing I learned from my CEO, it is this: transparency. He taught me and other employees h

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Publish Date : 2021-01-07 11:01:37

If there is one most important thing I learned from my CEO, it is this: transparency. He taught me and other employees h

You can also check out www.kisaani.co and buy some merch. The proceeds go to helping the widows of those farmers that have committed suicide. There is no paid partnership between myself or these organizations. This is strictly me just venting out my frustration with how my people are being treated and the lack of attention western countries are giving this issue.

The police brutality had just started, however. There are pictures circulating all over social media of police beating 70 year old men. I watched a video of someone from Bihar who put it in the best way to ignite some compassion in his countrymen — it wasn’t a police officer hitting an elderly man. It was a son beating his father.

And in the midst of the above, the Indian media and government were trying to fuel controversy and conspiracy theories about the Punjabi farmers to the Indian population. Of course, this is nothing knew for Sikh’s across the world. The Indian government has been saying that the farmers are tied to political parties and labelling them terrorists. There is no political agenda other than repealing the farmers bill. There is no conspiracy theory. And at the same time, while our own community was trying to raise awareness of what was going on in India on social media, and specifically on Instagram, a whole religion was blocked. The hashtag #Sikh was blocked for the second time this year. The first time during the anniversary of the attacks on the Golden Temple and the Delhi riots when Sikh’s were attacked. And this time, even if you tried to search #Sikh or #Sikhism, nudity posts would show up on our feed. You tell me where the conspiracy is? Farmers fighting for their rights or the Indian government trying to censor us?

The kisaan have taken six months worth of food to protest the government. There are many more going to Delhi as we speak bringing essential supplies with them. They will not back down, and I hope and pray for their safety while pushing back against a government that has turned its back on the very hand that feeds it.

At the Ambala border, several tear gas shells were fired at the protesters. At the Shambhu border, protesters were pelting stones at the Haryana police. All of the government’s efforts to stop these farmers from entering Delhi were ineffective. There was an emotional toll of watching a man that could be my grandfather being beaten by the police, tear gassed, and water cannons spraying him in the middle of winter.

For those in India, I am requesting that you support our farmers on our behalf and ensure that the correct message be spread rather than deflecting from the kisaani movement. Contact your MPs and inundate them to help support the change that is needed — help ensure the farmers bill is repealed.

While the police brutality continued, I continued to search social media to see if any of the mainstream outlets were discussing our plight. Needless to say really, but there wasn’t any posts on social media. At the time, BBC News has been one of the only media outlets posting about the plight of farmers from the beginning. I am disappointed (but not surprised) with how little media attention has been given to the Punjabi farmers protest by CBC, CTV, Global News, CNN, CP24, etc. And how literally no one outside of my own community has posted about it nor has Bollywood. You know when people complained and were shocked/stunned about the police brutality during the BLM movement, we posted in their support. We posted to help raise awareness to their injustices. Now we have the Indian police committing the same atrocities and against our grandparents, the world is silent.

And do not forget that Punjab de Sher and Sherni’s once fought the Mughals and fought against colonialism (the British) — when you anger that lion, it will roar! These tricks you played have awoken us. This very community you wish to always suppress is the one that has always given back to its country, whether it’s our brothers and sons enlisting in the army to fight for India or the protesters feeding the very policemen that beat them hours earlier. The Sikh community has always been a charitable one and sacrificed itself, either forcefully or on its own accord, for the good of this very nation that suppresses it.

But we do have one actress who did talk about the kisaan. She chose to call the Sikh farmers terrorists. We also have Bollywood actors turned politicians from the BJP in Punjab — like MP Sunny Deol and MP Kirron Kher — again silent on the issue. However, we do have MP Kher’s husband, a fellow actor, supporting the farmers bill.

Today, there may be a continent and ocean between us, but that won’t stop us from supporting our brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents in Punjab. For those sidelining this protest arguing that it is a Khalistani movement, you are tarnishing history being made when our 70 year old grandparents are marching for their right to a fair living, this is a kisaani movement. The kisaan’s are fighting for their future and their grandchildren’s futures. Come back to reality and stop degrading our families.

Not just the world, but celebrities across Bollywood are also quiet, people from our own Punjabi community within Bollywood are not as vocal. Afraid to support the kisaan (farmer) because of their close relationships with Modi and one of the richest families in India — the Ambani’s. Bollywood has used Punjab whenever it has suited them and exploited it to sell some box office hits. Yet when Punjab could’ve used the support of their fellow countrymen, Bollywood has remained silent. Just to put into perspective, here are a few movies that were based on Punjab or Sikhs — DDLJ, Pardes, Veer Zara, Soldier, Bhagat Singh, Kesari, Sacred Games, Gadar Ek Prem Katha, Son of Sardaar, Rocket Singh, Border, Singh is King, Dil Bole Hadippa, etc. This is the same Bollywood community that selectively supported the BLM movement and then posted about All Lives Matter after getting flack on an Instagram story, all while leaving out the Sikh community as a whole in its post. They exploit our culture, but don’t support us! They remain silent on the injustices happening to their own people.

Finally, I ask that you help raise awareness for our families in India. When you see that frail 70 year old man protesting for the future of his family, remember that could be your grandfather. Or if you someone your fathers age, that could be your father protesting. Have compassion and sympathy for people. You don’t know what people are going through until you walk a day in their shoes. Farming has been a part of my family for generations now. Until my family immigrated to Canada, my father and my uncles were farmers. My grandfather was also a farmer, and great grandfather, etc. These farms are passed down from generation to generation. We might be sitting in Canada, America, or Europe, but our hearts are with these families. We are asking for your support to help raise awareness or to donate to organizations like Khalsa Aid. Go check out their page on Instagram or their website at www.khalsaaid.org for more information. They’re in Delhi right now feeding the farmers and bringing the farmers essential supplies. Make sure you leave ‘Punjab Farmers’ in your e-transfer message so the funds go to the cause you’re donating for.

For those in India, I am requesting that you support our farmers on our behalf and ensure that the correct message be spread rather than deflecting from the kisaani movement. Contact your MPs and inundate them to help support the change that is needed — help ensure the farmers bill is repealed.

When more than 50,000 farmers are marching to protest their livelihoods and doing it in the midst of COVID-19, they know they have no choice but to fight for their right to a fair wage. Farmers are committing suicide at catastrophic rates in India, so they really have no choice. For them, it’ll either be COVID-19 that takes them or the farmers bill. And they’re willing to take their chances. They know they’re up against the very noose that wants to hang them. And why should the farmers budge when the Indian government wasn’t willing to make any amendments to this bill? Forget the amendments, the government illegally passed the bill. Just look at Bihar and Uttar Pradesh if you want to see what the future holds.










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