Important Point of LED panels

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Publish Date : 2020-10-12 13:23:01

Important Point of LED panels

A quite fancy and popular application of LED lighting are LED panels. This slightly new indoor LED lighting technology offers a wide range of customisation with its sleek design, hence it is replacing old fluorescent fixtures.


The thin sleek design allows the panel to emit uniform bright light. It is made up of a thin aluminium frame which has three layers, it is important because it prevents the leakage of light.

 The layers inside aluminium frame include:

  • LED chips
  • a light guide plate
  • a diffuser
  • Solid back
  • Heat sink

The guide plate and diffuser work together to produce wide soft evenly distributed light across the surface. There is also a reflector plate right at the back of the LED guide plate.The heat sink makes the fixture more efficient by reducing heat generated and emitted to the surroundings.

Types of LED panel:

 LED panel light is of two types:

  1. Recessed LED panels: these can be retrofitted in existing fixtures.The added benefit is the sophisticated overall look it provides. It takes up negligible space and can be fixed directly in the ceiling.

  2. Surface mounted LED panels: this type of  panel can be used both indoors and outdoors for both lighting and advertising of products.


LED panel can be used in variety of  retail applications such as:

  • Store countertops
  • Product advertisement
  • Offices

Edge lit LED panel is an acrylic sheet with LEDs installed along the edges. This can be mounted over any kind of surface and fixed through screws.

It can also be used to advertise products in a store or display any promotional messages which are swappable. It attracts customers and makes your store environment even pleasing.

In office spaces,they allow seamless lighting without acquiring any visible space or potential risks of accidents due to loose wires.

Benefits of using LED panels:

Firstly, led lights are very efficient in terms of lighting and energy savings. The panels though provide added benefits by being very customisable.

1. Even light distribution:

The most prominent feature of an led panel is the even distribution of light without any disruption, bumps or any dark spots. They provide bright uniform light.

2. Size:

They come in different sizes and can even be cut into pieces according to requirement as the panel is made up of aluminium sheet which is tough and can be spreaded along the surface.So basically for advertisement boards of any size LED panel light does the job quite efficiently.

3. Longer lifespan

barely exposed to any external factor so panels are subjected to minimal wear and tear and usual switching. This allows them better light quality with longer life span.

4. Dimmable

LEDs come with dimmable features and we can customise the panels the same way by adjusting the brightness of lights according to our requirement.

5. Colour temperature

LED allows adjustable colours and so integrated with panels we can customise the colour of the fixture according to our requirement. So you can adjust the colours according to your store or office theme.

6. User friendly

LED panel lights are quite user friendly, they are lightweight, easy to manage and the items inside are swappable. They can be carried from one place to another with minimum risk of damage.

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