Important Tech Tips That You Should Have Information About

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Important Tech Tips That You Should Have Information About

Technologies such as Excel help the workers to work smarter and effectively, but there is more efficiency available in them. But this efficiency can only be used by people if they learn about tech tools more effectively. Through this article, we are going to tell about some tech tips, have a look if you want to learn.

Hide the value of zero-

Including so many zero in your content or articles can be distracting, you should hide them to make your information look attractive. For doing this, you will have to go to file tab, then options, advanced and lastly, you have to uncheck show a zero in cells that have zero value. This is one of the most important that you should learn about. To know more about this in detail, go and search on top tech blogs in India.

Name a cell or range of cells-

When you are making something in Excel then you should always remember that the cells and range of cells can be easily given some names. This will help you a lot while using formulas and functions, you can use those names instead of finding the cells or range of cells. To do this, you will have to highlight the cell or range of cells names, then you will have to type the name in Name Box. Then click enter and here you are done.

Autosum Shortcut-

If you want to quickly sum up a list of values in Excel, you will have to select the cell from top to the bottom. After that, you can either click on the Autosum button in the toolbar or can type Alt+=, then enter. This will automatically calculate the sum of the list of numbers entered by you. There are many more shortcut formulas like this in Excel, if you want to know about them then go and refer to some of the best tech blogs in India.

Future with Tech is a technology blogs India that can be used by people in case they want to learn about such technical things. This is one of the perfect blogs that will help out people to learn about new technical things because the information provided by this blog is very simple and easy. Go and refer to this blog to know more.

Hide or unhide the worksheets-

If you want to hide a worksheet, you will have to right-click on the tab of the worksheet (located at the bottom of Excel workbook) and then select hide. To unhide the worksheet, right-click on any of the tabs of the worksheet, select unhide, then choose which sheet you want to unhide.

Insert line break within a cell-

You may need to have multiple lines within a cell. For example, a heading for an income statement should include the company name, below that, the text "Income Statement", and below that, the ending period. But if you want to have all three rows within the cell, you must insert a line break after each line just by pressing Alt + Enter.

These are a few Excel tricks that you can try while working on that. If you want to know about some more then go and find them on some of the tech blogs India.

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