Is a Videographer Worth it a Wedding?

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Publish Date : 2020-07-19 10:52:02

Is a Videographer Worth it a Wedding?

You decided to hire most of the vendors on your marriage checklist, but perhaps there's one you're asking: Is a videographer worth it a wedding? The simple answer is: "It's a must."

Some say it is an unnecessary cost, why do we need both -a photographer and videographer too? Take this from couples who did not hire a videographer on their marriage day (almost all say it was one of their greatest regrets of life).

While even professional wedding photographers are full experts in capturing moments of your wedding day, they may miss a few things. Hiring a professional wedding videographer on the shot ensures that you get all the details of your special day — wrapped up in a sweet video that you can cherish for years to come.

According to Popcorn films “Weddings are highly essential and significant celebrations. You commit to love and live your whole life with another soul on one of the most incredible adventures you've ever committed to yourself.”

Your great day of celebration deserves an equally cherishing and impressive film to truly appreciate those heavenly moments.

With plenty of happenings on your wedding day, it's inevitable that a lot of details can be blurred. Make sure all of the memories stay after the presents have been opened and the flowers are wilted away. Videography is the best solution to keep all memories along with you for years and years.  

If you're still not convinced about the idea, read five reasons why you should hire a videographer for your wedding.

 Wedding videography is so much Changed Now

Throw out the notion that a wedding videographer means lights-camera action in your face constantly. Today's videographers follow a more documentary style of filmmaking, which means that you may not even recognize them until they've given you a beautiful video of your day. Plus, video can also be made-in in several ways.

Video captures Every single detail that You can't do with just Photography

A big reason why you should think about hiring a wedding videographer? Videos save audible moments, such as your mom's weepy words of wisdom before the event, your dad's reaction to see you in your wedding dress, or your grandma's laughter as she dances with your grandparents. These are all the memories that you always cherish long after your marriage day, and the video will keep them forever. Or whether you compose your own or go conventional, there's no better way to record your exchange of vows. Video can also catch significant reception events, such as toasts and songs (first dance) for you to share with your future family.

Video captures the in-between moments

Yes, your photographer's going to get both posing and candid shots, but you'll need a videographer for anything in between. And because there's no posing, you're not going to have to think about the video being static or uncomfortable. All you've got to do is enjoy the party.

Videography lets you experiment style

If you're even more concerned with your wedding pictures looking timeless (they will need to be seen in your home for decades to come, after all), your video can be a little more modern while still looking classic. Consult with your experienced wedding videographer to find a unique style that fits best for you.

Wedding videos aren't hour-long sagas

Forget the concept of a wedding video that's playing like a dull slideshow. Alternatively, the videographer will literally catch the loveliest highlights and bundle them into an enticing three-to five-minute reel. Additionally, same-day editing is one of the latest trends in wedding photography. It ensures that your videographer can catch the best moments in the wake of procuring ready (and even include clips from the ceremony) to be played at the reception. Pretty sweet, huh? The guests will enjoy the behind-the-scenes look as both you and the partner prep for your big moment.

Bottom Line

Hence, Over the last few years, the videography has improved significantly. Watching clips from the top filmmakers in the area will show you that popular wedding videos are closer to Hollywood than they have ever been! With the right filmmaker/videographer, you will have the opportunity to be a shining star in your own film. So don't overthink more and hire a professional videographer now to save your life's best moments eternally.

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