Kylie Jenner one of Hollywoods 6 Billionaires

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Kylie Jenner one of Hollywoods 6 Billionaires

 Some time ago Kanye West was designated as Hollywood's new billionaire. You might think it's easy for celebrities to raise money and earn that status. But before the rapper and designer, there were only five Hollywood celebrities who were called 'Hollywood's billionaire'. Reported by Business Insider, here are six Hollywood billionaires who have trillions of rupiah in assets, one of which is Kylie Jenner.

Kanye West
Kanye West recently assumed new status as a Hollywood billionaire. Forbes reports that his wealth has reached $ 1.3 billion (Rp.19 trillion) even though Kanye himself admits that he has $ 3.3 billion (Rp.49 trillion). Even though he is known as a rapper, Kanye's wealth does not come from the album but from his streetwear brand Yeezy. This billionaire's wealth includes money, stocks, property, vehicles, livestock, as well as debt that is shared with his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in Hollywood with a fortune of $ 1 billion. Last year, Forbes named him the youngest self-made billionaire at 21. Like Kanye, most of Kylie's wealth comes from her brand, Kylie Cosmetics after being purchased by the Coty Inc. company. Kylie is also very influential on social media and even Snapchat shares fell 7% after she said she stopped using the app.
Before Kanye West, Jay-Z was the first rapper with billionaire status. Like his best friend, Jay-Z also got most of his fortune which reached $ 1 billion (Rp.14 trillion) due to business. According to Forbes, Beyonce's husband became a billionaire for selling fashion brands, cognac beverage brand businesses, and streaming Tidal music. Jay-Z also has art collections to shares in Uber and real estate that add to his wealth coffers.

Oprah Winfrey
No wonder Oprah Winfrey is one of Hollywood's billionaires. The success of the 'Oprah Winfrey Show' and her influence in the world of entertainment supported her to become the richest woman. With a fortune of $ 2 billion (Rp.29.7 trillion), Oprah has been a billionaire since 2003. His wealth also comes from the OWN television station, stocks, content agreements with Apple TV +, to appearances in a number of films.

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Hollywood Seeks a COVID-19 Consultant for Set Safety

If filmmakers in Hollywood usually need experts in the field of makeup or cameras, now they are reportedly looking for COVID-19 consultants. The reason is to ensure that film production can run smoothly in the midst of the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic.
Reuters reports that epidemiologists or other health professionals are expected to provide a detailed strategy for the interaction between film crews. For example, is it safe to place a lot of cameras in a tight space, how make-up artists dress up actors, and whether actors are discouraged from doing certain scenes.

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The writer and director, Tyler Perry, admits that he will start the production process again on July 8. He is preparing a special isolation room on set to prevent the possibility of spreading the virus if any crew feels sick.
"It takes a lot of staff, doctors, epidemiologists, lawyers, union representatives, talents, crew members, insurers and other great thinkers," said Tyler.

One of the experts hired by Tyler recommended that all the crew involved be tested before starting shooting and at least once or twice in the middle of the production process.

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Predicting the Future of the Hollywood Red Carpet After the Corona Pandemic
That question often arises during the red carpet or red carpet in Hollywood, whether it's during movie premieres or award shows. However, that question might not arise again.

The cause is the Corona virus pandemic which has changed the order of all sectors, including the world of entertainment. As long as there is no vaccine, it seems unlikely that everything will go back to how it used to be.
Hollywood's red carpet is usually filled with artists, photographers, publicists, and many fans who are scrambling to take selfies. Of course, this is difficult to happen because you have to maintain social distancing.
Even if the Hollywood red carpet were back, it would be very different.

"Everyone really wants to go back to the normal version, when we can be close to people," said an anonymous publisher as reported by Reuters, Wednesday (27/5/2020).

"I'm not sure things will return to how they used to be until there is a vaccine. No one can say for sure when people will come back in contact and go to many places," he added.

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There is 'Now You See Me 2' Tonight at Trans TV Cinema
At that time Dave Franco was busy with his film projects which made him often travel to New York to Paris. He also had time to invite Brie to accompany him in New York where they had the most romantic night at the beginning of their love.

"He left a secret note on my shirt the last day we stayed there that said, 'Come with me to Paris,'" he recalls.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco got engaged in August 2015, previously they had been dating for three years. After that they decided to get married in March 2017.

Now Alison Brie is busy promoting her latest film and also the film in which she collaborates with her husband, namely The Rental. In the film Dave does not appear as the star, but sits in the director's chair.

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