Learn to interpret love from the love story of Raisa and Hamish

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Publish Date : 2021-01-06 05:02:47

Learn to interpret love from the love story of Raisa and Hamish

Learn to interpret love from the love story of Raisa and Hamish

The more romantic the relationship between Raisa and Hamish is!
Belajar Memaknai Cinta dari Kisah Percintaan Raisa Hamish

The journey of the love story of each couple is different, as is the love story between Raisa and Hamish.

After getting married on September 3, 2017, the couple who stirred up social media with National Heartbreak Day still looks even more romantic. Plus recently, Raisa and Hamish Daud announced their pregnancy through a video on their personal YouTube channel.

For those of you who are feeling bored or having problems with your partner, maybe you need to look for relationship references from the love stories of other couples, such as Raisa and Hamish.

Seeing, observing or even feeling the happiness of the partner indirectly gives positive energy to your relationship. Especially if there are many positive things that can be seen from the relationship between Raisa and Hamish.  

Are you curious about the lessons of love that can be taken from the two of them?

Come on, take a peek at some of the love lessons that Popmama.com summarized from the love story of Raisa and Hamish!

1.Do both silly things

1. Melakukan hal-hal konyol berdua

Raisa and Hamish seem to have their own way of improving the quality of their relationship. One of them does silly things,

In several uploaded photos of Raisa, the two have been seen joking with each other using strange expressions. From things that seem simple, both can be used as a form of joke.

Need to be aware of the silly things that are done with a partner. It can be very useful for maintaining the quality of relationships, reducing stress levels, forgetting for a moment the burdens of life, reducing conflict in relationships to make relationships less boring and more colorful.

It's weird when you have to laugh or do something "dime", but if you remember later this moment can be very memorable especially done together with a partner.

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2. Give little attention

2. Memberikan perhatian-perhatian kecil

The Raisa and Hamish pair have been highlighted by many people because they are considered the perfect couple. Maybe this can be seen from the two of them can be happy from the little things around them. Do you agree that little things can be so memorable when done with loved ones?

This can be seen when after a vacation to Japan, Raisa gets a romantic surprise in the form of flowers from Hamish. The two of them also created a romantic atmosphere when celebrating Valentine's Day with a flower and having dinner together.

Not only that, since they married Raisa and Hamish several times, they also took time to vacation and explore new places together. Starting from local tourism on the island of Sumba to traveling around India.

From a little attention and unforgettable moments, this really helps improve the quality of a husband and wife relationship.

So, don't take the little things lightly!

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3. Show mutual respect

3. Menunjukkan sikap saling menghargai

As a couple Raisa and Hamish are seen as a couple who can instill mutual respect for each other.

This was evident when he was fasting some time ago. In the atmosphere at the end of the meal, Raisa once shared a photo of her husband on her personal Instagram as well as giving words of praise.

“The last sahur, Ramadan 2018 with you. Thanks for always being easy to build, and always excited about everything I cook. Thanks if I'm sleepy or tired, you always say you want to eat cereal or oatmeal so I don't bother, then take it myself in the kitchen, "this was Raisa's heart expression to Hamish at that time.

In addition to the type of husband who is independent and doesn't want to make Raisa a hassle, Hamish also tries to appreciate his wife's every meal by eating all the food that is already available at home.

Simple indeed, but the mutual respect for what the couple does means a lot, you know.
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4. Try to always be there by being with each other

4. Berusaha selalu ada saling mendampingi

Raisa and Hamish pair can be said to always support each other.

There are many ways to support the couple. Over the phone or just chat can be done when you are building a long distance relationship or trying to be there by accompanying a partner who is working.  

Like Raisa and Hamish, both of them try to provide mutual support in any situation.

On several occasions Hamish tried to accompany Raisa when his wife was singing on stage. Likewise with Raisa who also tries to accompany Hamish when he has work such as attending a film premiere.  

Try to always be there, at least your partner feels you always provide support in any situation.

It turns out that one of the lasting secrets between Raisa and Hamish's relationship is trying to support each other.

If you are alone, what's the secret of durability?

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5. Do not bother about differences

5. Tidak mengambil pusing soal perbedaan

Sometimes love just doesn't see the difference. Just like Raisa and Hamish's relationship despite being 10 years apart in age, both of them dared to take the decision to get married without worrying about this.

Until now, it has been proven that the age difference is not a problem in Raisa and Hamish's relationship. Until now, the relationship between the two is still going well, it even looks more romantic.

Sometimes problems in the relationship occur due to external factors. If the two of them can understand each other and commit, it will be easier to live a relationship

Hopefully after reading this article, you can get more positive energy from Raisa and Hamish's love journey.

That way, you can apply many positive things in your relationship with your partner.

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