Online Project management tools you should be using

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Publish Date : 2020-11-26 10:16:01

Online Project management tools you should be using

Project management is the application of methods, skills, processes and knowledge of a team that will help to reach goals within a finite timespan. Project management makes sure that the project outcome is set based on what can be delivered for how much cost and at what time. Without proper project management, timelines of a project will lack analogous estimation. Analogous estimation is an easy-to-implement technique used to calculate the duration and cost of the current project based on previous project data.     


Some essential components of project management are:

  • Keep track of progress against plan

  • Defining the necessity of a project

  • Controlling the budget of the project

  • Implementing various management plans

  • Motivating and leading the involved team members 


Online project management tools help the team with regular updates, teamwork-based time association and multiple device access. So, they can simply arrange the tasks based on importance; this will lead to the successful completion of the project. Kanban board, to-do lists, task management, team-work management, time tracker, integration and detailed reporting these are vital features to look for in an online project management tool.    


Open-source project management tools are necessary because of usage convenience, team collaboration and rich project management. These tools support project planning, scheduling, release planning, time tracking, bug tracking, budgeting and roadmap.  


Now, the article will discuss some useful online project management tools.


Crotle makes organisation of work easy; it can assign tasks and subtasks to help with the work progress. It helps with the planning and streamlining of the project. It is one of the best online project management tools


Salient attributes

  • Provides transparency

  • Kanban view

  • Control and manage workflow

  • Increase productivity

Zoho Projects

It is one of the widely used simple online project management software. It helps the team to organise upcoming tasks.


Salient attributes

  • Gantt charts to check project progress

  • Managing files in a significant way

  • Integrated with other online project management tools like ZOHO CRM

  • A tool that helps the team to communicate, collaborate and create


It is the most popular open-source project management software. It is location independent, so anyone can get access to this web-based project management system.   


Salient attributes

  • Issue management and issue tracking

  • Project timelines

  • Bug tracking

  • Document management


It is a comprehensive solution that contains all the features you look in an online project management software.

Salient attributes

  • KPI dashboard, visual display of the crucial information

  • Contact and time management

  • Reports on project finances 

  • Track project progress 

  • Invoicing and quoting 


Social media like interfaced online project management tool for teams. The best thing is Basecamp is free for students and teachers.

Salient attributes

  • Get the report on project performance

  • Specific dashboard for clients

  • Notifications of email

  • Message board

  • Manages the work of multiple users 


Mavenlink helps to deliver projects successfully with its transparency, connectedness and performance.

Salient attributes

  •  Gain visibility

  • Manage project schedules 

  • Manage numerous projects easily

  • Resource management

  • Portfolio management


Insightly comes with Customer relation management quality along with business and project management.

Salient attributes

  • Manage and accelerate leads, sales

  •  Helps to build a strong bond with customers

  •  Track project activity


Podio is a highly customisable and flexible online hub. It mainly works great for team communication.

Salient attributes

  • Automate workflows and sales pipelines 

  • Share encrypted files

  • Visual dashboards

  • Project budget tracker


Jira is a bug tracking online project management software with advanced capabilities. 

Salient attributes

  • Discuss the team’s work

  • Centralise communication among the team

  • Real-time reporting

  • Distribute tasks within teams

  •  Create user stories and issues


Odoo is an agile project management tool that helps project members with planning, scheduling and organising a project flawlessly. It helps them with the sales management, cataloguing human resources, manufacturing, e-commerce and much more. It is one of the most popular open source project management tools


Salient attributes

  • Task tracking in Kanban board

  • Project status tracker

  • Gantt charts

  • User guides

  • Requires Python and PostgreSQL

  • Available on Linux and Windows


Taiga is another open-source project management tool that emphasises on agile project management with Scrum methodology. It helps teams with iterative delivery of a project. It is free for public projects. 


Salient attributes

  • Task tracking using the Kanban-style 

  • Multi-project support

  • Third-party integration

  • Ticket management

  • Available for iOS, Windows, Android devices

  • Requires Nginx, PostgreSQL, Python


Tuleap is an agile and project management application lifecycle management (ALM) platform which can manage multiple sized teams (small, medium size, large) and agile teams with ease. 

Salient attributes

  • Supports Kanban and iteration 

  • Document tracking

  • Alleviate risks by tracking issues

  • Integrated with SVN, Jenkins, Git

The main objective of project management tools is to make sure that the goal of a project which might be tangible or intangible has reached success within the timeline. You will be able to track your project progression and monitor every aspect of it. You can boost your project team with the support of these online project management tools. This way, your project will lead to success

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