Personalised Religious Gifts to Get for A Catholic Baptism

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Personalised Religious Gifts to Get for A Catholic Baptism

Baptisms for babies are very special occasions for parents. A baptism signifies the removal of original sin and the introduction of a baby into Catholicism and his or her union with Christ. Baptisms signify the unification of the child with Christ and the presence of family and friends boosts the significance of this act by their witness of this important life moment. These family and friends, especially the godparents, can help to guide this child to continue on the path of God and to continue to make good decisions in his or her life.

Since baptisms signify such an important moment in life, more often than not, there is a celebration following the baptism. Family and friends are invited to celebrate this baptism with food, gifts, and cake. Food and cake are the invitor’s responsibility, but the gifts are something that friends and family should bring to the celebration. If you’re unsure as to what kind of gifts you should bring to a catholic baptism celebration, we can help.

Beginner’s Bible
A beginner’s bible is a great gift for a baptism. This bible can be read to the baby as he gets older throughout his childhood. It can be a starting point to teach the child bible verses and some stories from the bible in words he or she can understand and pictures he or she can see.

Baptism Certificate Holder
A baptism certificate holder is a great gift for both the parents and the child being baptized. It offers the parents a safe place to keep the baptism certificate and it is a keepsake the child can open as he gets older. This baptism certificate holder is also great because it can be personalized with a name, date, and phrase.

Picture Frames
Picture frames are a great gift for baptism because they can hold a photo of the child being baptized that can be placed in the home where parents and guests can see it. It is a good way to keep a memory alive as the days and years pass by. One of the best places to get personalised frames for baptisms is J Devlin Glass Art. They have been designing and manufacturing high-quality glass art since 1999 and their frames are Tiffany-style handmade with stained glass. These frames come both vertically and horizontally and can be personalised with a name, date, and phrase.

Baptism Box
A baptism box is another great personalized religious gift that J Devlin Glass Art provides. They use the same Tiffany-style handmade glass art that can be personalised with words, names, and dates of your choosing. Many parents gift the baptized child with a cross necklace. This box is the perfect place to keep that necklace until the child gets old enough to wear it for special occasions.

Religious Books
There are many different religious books to choose from for children. These books might tell a detailed story that can be found in the bible or they might tell a more unique fictional story that teaches the child about how to choose between right and wrong.

Religious Ornaments
Ornaments are another great religious gift for baptisms. Ornaments can be hung during the holidays or even throughout the year depending on the type of ornament. A holiday-themed ornament can be stored most of the year and brought out for Christmas, but a cross ornament can be hung all year long. J Devlin Glass Art has a beautiful cross ornament that can be personalized with a name and date. This ornament would be a great piece of decoration to hang in the child’s room all year long.

While there are many different kinds of personalised religious gifts you can get for baptism, this list is a great place to start. Where you decide to choose a beautiful stained glass gift from J Devlin Glass Art or something else, you’re sure to spread happiness and love with any of these options.

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