Send Free SMS Text Messages Online

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Send Free SMS Text Messages Online

The way we communicate with each other is constantly changing. We once relied on letters, telephones, and faxes, but now we prefer faster and sometimes less intrusive forms of communication such as email or instant messaging. Even more prevalent, and a global phenomenon in communication is the sending of text messages to each other via cell phones (also known as cell phones or cell phones).

So what are SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is the generic name of the technology that allows people to send and receive text messages via cell phones (or cell phones).

The GSM standard for digital cell phones (popular in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and some parts of North America) states: "Messages can be up to 160 characters long." CDMA networks allow for larger message sizes and operate in North and South America, Asia (China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.).

(In fact, most modern cell phones that use the GSM standard send messages of over 160 characters, but they do so by sending multiple messages of 160 characters. This means that when you send a message of 330 characters, you actually send two messages of 160 characters and a 10 character message.)

SMS messages can contain words, numbers, or an alphanumeric combination; the binary format is even supported. SMS uses Message center to work, without it, SMS won’t go.

Technically, SMS is an archiving and forwarding service. This means that messages are not sent directly from the sender to the recipient, but always via an SMS center. You have a limited time to download or receive your messages (this happens automatically when you switch on your mobile), otherwise, the messages will be deleted from the relevant SMS center.

It is also possible to confirm the delivery (or failure) of the message.

Note: This is a limited definition of SMS. A more detailed explanation can be found on

How can you send free text messages?

Sending text messages is a great and fast way to communicate with friends and family. However, unlike sending an email, sending text messages is often not free. For example, in the UK, messages often cost € 0.10 per message. And with people sending dozens or hundreds of messages every day, the costs can go up.

So mobile phone companies design payment plans that allow you to send a certain number of text messages per month for free. Or, if you pay a sufficient monthly fee (or top up your pay-as-you-go phone often enough), you could even send an unlimited number of free text messages.

Yet this is an expensive way to text for free. '

A much better way is to use so-called "free text message sites".

Yes, many, many websites allow you to send text messages online for free. Just type your message on such a website, then the mobile number you want to send an SMS to, and hit the send button. Sometimes messages are delivered immediately or within an hour or so. Furthermore, it is often not necessary to register to use the free SMS service.

Like everything else on the web, some free text message sites work better than others. For example:

  • Some are open one week and closed the next because they are unable to recover the cost of delivering thousands of text messages. (There is always a charge for sending online text messages for that text message site.)
  • Some free SMS sites work in one country but not in another.
  • And the most disturbing thing is that some free texting sites are simply not free - it costs the person to send the text messages or it takes someone to receive them.

Basically, many free text message sites start for free and then stop working or start loading.

Therefore, it is recommended that you visit a free SMS directory, where sites are rated or commented on.

Is sending free text messages really safe?

Yes. Above all.

It should be safe to send free text messages through an SMS site, but many people have been discovered by services that secretly lead you to join a subscription service first, which often costs several dollars a week. It can also be quite difficult to unsubscribe from such services.

In general, free SMS sites take advantage of ads on their websites or actual text messages sent; these sites do not normally abuse their relationship with the people who send the text messages. It is also generally true that text messages are sent quickly and people do not receive so-called SMS spam on their cell or cell phone afterward.

Again, a good free text messaging directory provides enough information about a free text messaging service or site for you to decide for yourself.

Sending text messages to your friends and family is fast, easy, and fun. But it doesn't have to cost you anything if you find and use a free text messaging site that lets you send text messages to their country of residence. Have fun texting.

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