Shiv Abhishek Samagri and Articles used on Mahashivratri

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Shiv Abhishek Samagri and Articles used on Mahashivratri

According to the Hindu Festival calendar, the great night of Lord Shiva- Mahashivratri is celebrated on the 13th night and 14th day of Phalgun month. This is the darkest night with highly elevated spiritual energies in nature. It signifies the victory of good over evil and how light triumphs over darkness. Mahashivratri is a widely celebrated religious festival across the nation by ardent devotees of Shiva.

Mahashivratri Puja commences in the evening and goes on till the following day; it is a 4 Prahar puja. Devotees sing, dance, conduct Puja, and stay awake all night on this festival, and it is celebrated with great joy and fervor. The central ritual is Shiva Abhishek, where Shiva lingam is bathed with various items that hold tremendous importance.

Importance of Shiva Abhishek

Abhishekam is an age-old ritual that includes bathing the Shivalingam by pouring different liquids over it. Performing the Abhishek as per Vedic rituals frees the worshipper from past sins and helps in attaining Moksha.  Chanting “Om Namah Shivaay” during this process develops a spiritual aura around.

This sacred procedure transfers positive energy into the items used for performing Abhishek. Further, it is passed as a “Tirtha” and distributed to the devotees. The Mahashivratri Puja is not complete without Rudra Abhishekam, as it is the best way to please Lord Shiva. It blesses the devotee with overall well-being, and it should be performed by everyone who reveres Shiva. It is believed that worship offered with pure heart and devotion on this particular occasion increases the blessings’ power.


Shiva Abhishek Puja Samagri, Ingredients

Panchamrit (a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar): It bestows the devotee with riches and prosperity.

Milk: Unboiled milk should be used to perform Abhishek as it signifies purity and long life.

Curd: It blesses the childless couples with children and also heals conception issues

Ghee: Pure ghee prepared from cow’s milk has great significance in Hindu Puja rituals, and performing Abhishek with ghee protects illnesses.

Honey: It gives a stress-free and happy life to the native along with liberation from bad luck.

Sugar: This ingredient removes hatred from the worshipper’s life.

Sandalwood paste: It brings good luck and blesses the native with improved health.

Bel Patra (leaf): Bel leaf is one of the most sacred items and is believed to be Lord Shiva’s favorite.

Incense sticks: Burning the incense sticks during puja rituals is essential as they bring a soothing effect and uplift the atmosphere.

Ghee diya (lamp): A diya with ghee is lit up to ward off negativity.

Bel fruit: Just as Bel leaves are essential, offering Bel fruits is also a part of the Puja ritual.

Dhatura: It is said to remove jealousy and transform evil nature into good.

Dhoop: It brings a sense of relaxation and emits calming energies in the environment where Abhishek is being performed.

Akshat (unbroken rice grains): Akshat carries positive energies, and represents good fortune.

Sugarcane juice: It gives good health and reduces conflicts.

Mixture of water, Gangajal, Gulab Jal: This is a sacred mixture that blesses the native with the fulfillment of wishes.

Sweets for offering: Sweets are offered to please God during Abhishekam.

Fresh flowers: Offering fresh flowers to the Deity idol is an essential part of the ritual.

Shringi: It is a horn-shaped puja vessel through which the liquids can be poured onto the lingam during Abhishek. This hollow vessel has been used since ages during pujas.

Jaldhara: This vessel filled with water is usually hung over the Shivalingam so that the water continuously drips on the lingam.

Abhishek tray: The Abhishek tray comes in different shapes & designs, and it’s used as a base. The lingam is placed over it and this vessel is used to collect liquids flowing out after they are poured on the lingam.

All the items in Mahashivratri Puja Samagri have spiritual significance, and they are beneficial to the worshipper in different ways. Performing Rudra Abhishek with all these ingredients makes the ritual complete and bestows the devotees with Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Happy Mahashivratri to all the readers! May you be blessed with peace, luck, and divine grace of Shiva on this Mahashivratri!


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