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If you are reading this article, it is certainly because you are hesitating between Wix and WordPress for your website creation. In this article, the web development experts at web agency pixarsart put themselves in your shoes by comparing the two famous Content Management Systems: Wix and WordPress.

Flexibility and versatility

For a long time, Wix has remained in the shadow of WordPress, much older on the market and recognized for its many benefits. However, if entrepreneurs hesitate between these two CMS, there are many reasons. On the subject of customization, these two softwares each have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's see which of this software offers the most flexibility in terms of design.


Wix offers a variety of features and offers its users a catalog of over 500 website templates. Creators simply drag and drop their content to build their web platform, quickly and without programming. In addition, this CMS offers adaptive visuals to different screen resolutions, which is essential today given the increase in mobile searches. In order to guide you in the creation of your website, a number of questions are asked when you start on the platform.

Regarding WordPress , the user can play on more details thanks to a catalog with thousands of themes. In addition, if the features offered are not enough for you, you always have the possibility of installing new ones by adding plugins. Indeed, the advantage of WordPress is that you can add features by having some technical knowledge. If you are new to programming, don't worry, some tutorials are available to help you build your website. With this platform, you will also be able to adapt your designs to the screen resolutions of mobile devices.

These two CMS offer a number of themes accessible to beginners. But if you want to take it a step further and have absolute control over your themes, turn to WordPress. By handling CSS and HTML codes, you can be sure that WordPress will meet your expectations.

What Type of website Do you Want to Create?

The software you choose also depends on the type of website you want to create.

Create An Online Store 

When it comes to building online stores , you might have heard of Shopify before. It is the easiest to use online store CMS. If you want to build this kind of website without modifying the programming, Shopify may be able to satisfy you.

However, WooCommerce remains the benchmark in terms of creating online stores and this is not trivial. This suite of WordPress modules allows you to present your product catalog to Internet users by having control of many customizable features. Again, the big advantage of WordPress is the degree of customization. Where Wix restricts you to a framework (which can be an advantage for beginners), WordPress gives you a much broader scope. On the other hand, it is important to have certain Web notions.

As for Wix, the platform has a section specializing in the creation of online stores, WixStores, allowing you to present your products or services simply, by offering many payment methods during purchase. Thanks to this section, you can keep an eye on your inventory and on the follow-up of your orders, propose special offers and choose the delivery terms of your products. This section has some limitations regarding shipping and tax options. You will also need to ensure that you adapt your e-commerce platform according to your country's legal obligations.

Create a showcase site

Unlike the online store, the showcase site allows your visitors to view your products or services without being able to purchase them.

Wix will allow you to create a showcase site that will not need to evolve regularly. If you create a showcase site to present a service, for example plumbing, Wix will be able to amply satisfy you since your service offerings will not change frequently. Your site can therefore be static.

WordPress is ranked as one of the best open-source CMS platforms. Pixarsart is a WordPress Web Design company that is going to make you a website that converts

If you know in advance that your website will change, favor the use of WordPress. Thanks to the addition of modules, you will be less limited in the development and customization of your showcase site.

Pixarsart offers Wix Website Development to enhance your online presence and take your online store to the next level

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