“Stephanie, Happy 17th birthday! I found some really good quotes in here — add them to your book. And remember, there ar

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“Stephanie, Happy 17th birthday! I found some really good quotes in here — add them to your book. And remember, there ar





















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Spend time sitting with the recent college graduate in your office. Get to know people who have been around awhile. Show interest in those who’ve lived a different experience than you.

We were at a sales seminar when the speaker said something that didn’t sit right. We all looked at each other, but no one said a word. That is until a normally shy and reserved woman from my office stood up in front of the crowd and told the man she wasn’t buying what he was peddling.

You don’t have to grab a microphone to share your knowledge. Send a message to someone about an idea you had that can help them improve something they’re working on. Start a blog and give away your best ideas for free. Let other people run with them. Be proud of playing a role in seeing what they come up with.

Could someone you know benefit from an introduction? Maybe your co-worker dreams of being a writer and your friend from college runs a successful blog. Or maybe a family friend is looking for a job and you know a woman in her sector. Connect these people. Put your name behind people you believe in.

During the same job as mentioned above, whenever something went wrong, while everyone else in the office was in hysterics, my manager would be thinking instead of speaking.

I thought for sure people would laugh at me when I enrolled in my first public speaking course. I grew up stuttering and I was scared to death I’d be made fun of. But the jokes never came. In fact, people embraced me and they thought I had a solid set of stones.

Most people talk to the same people. When it comes to standing out, a good rule of thumb is to not be like most people. Having diverse groups of friends and being proactive in learning about what you don’t know is a force multiplier.

The older I get, the more I believe that the future doesn’t belong to the smartest person in the room. Nor does it belong to the strongest or the fastest. The future belongs to those who choose to bring their focus into everything they do.

The best part about being shy is a lot of people don’t expect much. Doing just one thing that’s unexpected can turn a lot of heads in your direction and serve as a magnet for attracting the right kind of people. You may not always get it right. And at times, you may fall. But so what?

If you’re anything like me, you pride yourself on your observation and listening skills. Lean into these qualities. Go at people one-on-one. Learn about their dreams, aspirations, challenges, and fears. Be thoughtful. Listen. Being caring is the ultimate competitive advantage.

One of the best networkers I know is shy. But he understands the key to moving quickly is getting people to talk positively about him behind his back. The way he accomplishes this is simple: he brings other people together.

Listen as hard as you can right now. Write the best sentence you can right now. Give people your full attention right now. Heads down and phones out; that’s unfortunately how most people walk through the day.

The beauty of the world we live in today is that you don’t have to be out in front to be seen. Some of the most inspirational people I know are seriously reserved but they know how to spin a story.

I’ll never forget that. Once she spoke up, everyone else did too. When the seminar was over, she was the person the audience wanted to buddy up with and not the man on stage.

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