sweating is very important to maintain our body metabolism

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sweating is very important to maintain our body metabolism

Sweating is a natural process, this condition occurs when you are active and then your body gets warmer, the brain will inform the body to sweat to maintain body temperature.

Therefore, sweating is actually good for health and here are some of the benefits of sweating for health as reported by Boldsky.


Keep Pores Clean

One of the main health benefits of sweating is keeping your pores clean, while sweating it can open the pores and remove all the bacteria present.
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Another reason why sweating is good for your health is that it can help flush out toxins from your body, but it can also help eliminate alcohol, constipation, and salt from the body.

Improve mood

Sweating after a workout can put you in a better mood and can also help you think well.

Treat Infections
If you are sick, then sweating can be a solution because sweating is good for helping fight infection. Several studies have shown that sweat contains antimicrobial peptides that can help fight germs and other pathogens. (Faith Firmansyah)

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It is important to maintain immunity, this is an easy way to get quality sleep

 Quality sleep is very important to maintain immunity and overall body health. But in fact, many adults experience sleep disorders.

Sleep Health Practitioner, dr. Andreas Prasadja, RPSGT said that good sleep quality plays an important role in body health and daily productivity. The characteristics of quality sleep are sufficient duration (7-9 hours), continuity (sleep does not stop until you wake up the next day) and depth or fullness.

"However, in fact, many adults today, especially during the pandemic, have difficulty sleeping due to stress, high activity, and unhealthy lifestyles. In fact, a study shows that one of the health problems that many COVID-19 survivors complain about is sleep disturbances, ”said Dr. Andreas in the Launching of Antangin Good Night, Wednesday (17/3).

Sleep disorders experienced by adults are generally characterized by several things. These include daytime drowsiness, difficulty sleeping at night, frequent waking in the middle of the night, and irregular sleep and wake cycles.

Sleep disorders that are not treated properly can increase the risk of mental fatigue, lack of focus, and the emergence of other diseases such as hypertension and heart disease.

To get quality sleep, a person needs to pay attention to two things, namely the internal clock and the duration of being awake. The internal clock controls the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle through the influence of light and melatonin.

"For example, at night when there is no light, the body produces melatonin to make someone sleepy, and vice versa," explained Dr. Andreas.
While the duration of being awake affects the brain in accumulating substances that cause drowsiness, that is why someone who is awake for a long time will fall asleep more easily.

"The best sleep is when we can synchronize the duration of wakefulness with the internal clock," said Dr. Andreas.

He recommends some easy steps to get healthy and quality sleep, namely improving sleep and wake times. If you are accustomed to napping, the duration is not more than 45 minutes. Avoid consuming excess alcohol before bedtime, and don't smoke.

In addition, it is also important to avoid caffeine consumption 12 hours before bedtime (including coffee, tea, soda and chocolate). Avoid heavy, spicy and sweet foods 4 hours before bedtime. Then exercise regularly, use a comfortable sleeping pad and set a comfortable temperature for sleeping.

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"Keep the room well ventilated. Keep out disturbing noise and turn off the light. Just use the bed for sleeping, don't use it as a work space or recreation room," concluded Dr. Andreas.

overcome the high stress levels during the Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a public health crisis, including mental health such as stress due to various challenges and pressures during the pandemic.

As is well known, stress is a situation and condition that presses a person. Stress can come from the environment at home, work, or school. In reality stress can cause two reactions that lead to positive and negative things.

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In addition, the accumulated stress can also cause physical and mental health problems. Because, everyone has a critical limit in dealing with stress. The critical limit of each person varies from time to time, depending on health conditions, family, job demands, and others.

Therefore, stress must be managed properly so as not to have a bad impact on a person's mental health condition. There are various ways you can manage stress. For example, doing physical activity and sports that you like, chatting with family or friends by phone or social media, and so on.

If your feelings are getting more and more agitated and even interfere with your daily activities, then visiting a psychologist or consulting a personal counselor can be another way to do this. However, if you want to manage it yourself, there are several ways you can do it.

Summarizing from the Instagram page of DKI Jakarta @dkijakarta, Thursday (18/3), here are three relaxation techniques that can be done to deal with stress. Come on, listen!
 Sit in a relaxed and comfortable position. Close your eyes and imagine something fun.

Inhale from your nose. Hold for a count of three, then exhale from the mouth. Imagine the burden of the mind being released. Repeat this method three times.

Give thanks for God's blessings, be sincere, and patient.

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