The Benefits of Yoga For Children

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The Benefits of Yoga For Children

The benefits of yoga for children are many. It is important to pay attention to some things before incorporating yoga into your routine. Especially for children who have recently started doing yoga. Let us know about the initial tips for yoga.

  • Before doing yoga, make sure to warm up and stretch.

  • Choose such Yogasanas, which are easy.

  • Do not put too much emphasis on the body during the perfection cycle.

  • In every pose, keep breathing as needed, exhale or breathe at normal speed.

  • Do a sequence of all poses. Meaning do any yogasana with both parts of the body, only then the cycle of yogasana is completed.

  • Do yoga as an empty stomach only.

  • Try to practice yoga in an open and quiet place.

  • Music can be used to make Yogasan fun for children.

  • The ideal time for practising yoga is in the morning, but it can also be practised in the evening.

  • Do not practice yoga in a hurry and avoid doing yoga even if you are tired.

  • Never practice yoga on a hard surface. Always do this by laying a mat, blanket or yoga mat.

  • Taking a bath before doing yoga is considered good. Depending on the weather and your need, you can take a bath with cold and hot water.

  • Before starting yoga, tell your yoga teacher about your diseases. Yoga is forbidden in some chronic diseases and physical problems.

  • Once you learn yoga at a yoga school or yoga class from a yoga guru, do it only at home. Even after the initial test, parents should do yoga with the children to help them.


Benefits of yoga for children

If yoga is done properly, then children can get various benefits from it. Let us know about these advantages in detail here.

Helpful to build self-confidence: A research has found a mild but significant improvement in confidence levels in yoga students, social confidence with teachers, confidence in communication with peers, and in-class contributions. Apart from this, it is also said that yoga can also help in increasing self-esteem.

Yoga to increase body flexibility: Doing yoga can also increase flexibility in children. For this reason, motivate the child to do yoga, so that he remains healthy and flexible. Yoga can also help in cardiopulmonary fitness i.e. keeping the heart and lungs healthy. In addition, it can also be helpful in strengthening muscles.

Can reduce stress levels: Children are often stressed due to school and home environment. Yoga can help eliminate stress. Also, the negative behaviour of children can be reduced.

Improve balance and coordination: This improvement is particularly seen in young athletes who need to maintain balance and coordination simultaneously.

Yoga for Emotional Balance: Yoga can also help in maintaining emotional balance. Yoga exercises both the mind and body. Recent research has proved that yoga is a tool to listen to the heart.

Yoga for sound sleep: Many school-going children have problems of not getting sound and deep sleep. The solution to this problem is hidden in yoga itself. One research says that sleeplessness is also a psychological disorder, which can be reduced to some extent with the help of yoga. Doing yoga can improve children's sleep quality.

Yoga to improve academic performance: Every parent wants to have a good academic performance of children. Yoga can help the child to perform best in school by controlling the pressure of the education on the children's mind.

Yoga to keep children calm and relaxed: It is important for children to relax and grow and understand and keep calm without replying to everything. Yoga can also help children in this. Yoga can help keep the children calm and relaxed from the inside. This can also control the recurring anger of children. If necessary, to make yoga a part of your daily routine. Joining a yoga school in Rishikesh is a great way to learn more about yoga and meditation.

Easy Yoga Poses For Kids

1. Prayanam

Pranayama is breathing related to yoga. Pranayama is also called yogic breathing. This causes an emotional state Rata and peace of mind to come. Although there are many types of pranayama, here we are showing the simplest way of doing the pranayama.

Method of doing pranayama:

  • First of all, place a mat or any other cloth in a clean place to sit.

  • Now bend both knees (in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana).

  • Then put both your hands above the knees.

  • During this time, the spine should be straight.

  • Now close your eyes and concentrate in the mind.

  • As you concentrate, take light long, deep breaths. During this time, do not open the mouth at all.

  • Then release the breath slowly. While releasing the breath, pull the stomach inward.

  • Now keep repeating this action.

  • Do this for about 5 to 10 minutes or at your convenience.

2. Balasana

It is also called the child pose in English. This asana can benefit the body as well as improve brain health by reducing stress. May help to promote positive thoughts, thereby reducing anxiety and stress.

Method of Balasana:

  • Place a mat in a quiet place.

  • Now sit in Vajrasana.

  • Note that the spine must be straight.

  • After sitting well, take a deep breath and raise both hands directly up towards the sky.

  • Now, while exhaling, tilt the body forward.

  • After bending the body, try to touch the floor with the forehead and touch the ground with hands. The elbows should touch the ground.

  • During this time keep the eyes closed and breathe at normal speed.

  • Then stay in this posture for some time.

  • After this, rise up while breathing and do it again after resting for a few seconds.

3. Tadasana

In yoga asana this, the child is shaped like a mountain and a tree. This pose helps to stretch the muscles of the entire body. It is also said that this yogasana can be helpful in improving the length of children. 

Method of doing Tadasana:

  • Lay the mat first on a flat and cool place.

  • Now stand straight with both legs folded.

  • Then fold the fingers of both hands into each other and stretch the arms upwards.

  • During this time the palms should be towards the sky.

  • Now while breathing, lift the ankles up and stand on the feet.

  • Stay in this posture for about 5 to 10 seconds and keep breathing at normal speed.

  • Then return to the initial state.

4. Vriksasana

This asana is also called Ekapadasana. In English, it is known as Tree-pose. In this yoga body, the body has to be held on one foot and the shape of the body looks like a tree. This yogasana can concentrate the mind. It is believed that doing Vasantasana can also relieve anxiety and stress. Waist and back pain can also be reduced by this yoga. Not only this, but it can also help in making the spine flexible.

How to perform this pose

  • Stand upright by laying yoga mats or thick cloth on a flat area.

  • Now join the two legs together.

  • Then, keeping the body balanced, bend the left knee and keep the sole on the right thigh inward.

  • After this, raise both hands upwards towards the sky and make a posture of Namaskar.

  • This may cause the balance of the body to deteriorate and your feet are on the ground.

  • If this happens, try to come back to the posture by creating a balance of the body.

  • After remaining in this state for a few seconds, come to the initial state.

  • This yogasana can be done two to three times.


Yoga is definitely beneficial for anyone who practices it, and age doesn’t matter if you are a child, adult or an elderly person you can definitely reap the benefits of yoga, make sure to practice it safely under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher, or you can join 100 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh beginner course and gain more insights into yoga and meditation.

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