The film Space Sweepers was produced by experienced

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The film Space Sweepers was produced by experienced

The film Space Sweepers was produced by experienced

In 2021 there are lots of good films that I really look forward to. One of them is ' Space Sweepers '. 'Space Sweepers' is a Korean film starring the handsome actor, Song Joong-ki. Since joining the Drakor Class, I not only like watching Korean dramas, but also started wanting to taste Korean films. After being entertained by the film ' Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP 'and the smiles seeing the sweetness of Jung Hae In in the movie' Tune In Love ', I want to feel the excitement of space with this' Space Sweepers' film.

Synopsis of 'Space Sweepers'

to be precise in 2092. At that time, the universe was full of dangerous debris flying, ranging from unused satellites to spaceships.

This situation is exploited by a group of shuttle crew. They want to hunt for valuable trash that can be sold for money.

named Dorothy. It turns out that Dorothy is no ordinary robot. But also a weapon of mass destruction. This is what ultimately brings all the crew into a dangerous business deal.

5 Reasons Why 'Space Sweepers' Is Worth Watching

So surely for film fans, space stories are already familiar, huh. There have been many Hollywood films that tell the story of space. Then what makes Song Jong-ki's film worth watching and can be used as a viewing option in 2021?

1. The first Korean film with a space theme

'Space Sweepers' is the first Korean film with a space theme. This is what makes me curious. As far as I know, Korean filmmakers have always been detailed for story research. Many Korean dramas have interesting stories because of the depth of research. So what are Korean filmmakers like in search of this space story research.

space films are. What's the difference with Hollywood films. There must be a difference with existing space films, for example Star Trek or Star Wars.

2. Song Joong-ki's comeback film

The film 'Space Sweepers' became Song Joong-ki's comeback film after 2017's role in the film 'The Battleship Island'. I've been waiting for Song Joong Ki's acting on the big screen for a long time. After becoming a soldier in 'The Battleship Island', how now does Song Joong-ki take on the role of a space pilot. Certainly the quality of his acting is beyond doubt.

3. Interesting story

The story of outer space and the future is always interesting to follow. We must always be curious about how life will be in the future. That's why when there is a story about the future that is brought up in a big screen story, many will be interested.

It turns out that trash is still a problem in the future. I'm still confused by the thought of the trash flying in outer space. Where is the trash unusual, there are satellites and wrecks of spaceships!

4. Receiving public funding

This film is the first film to receive funding from the public. Public investment is a new way for film lovers and artist fans to support their idols. It is also something new in the world of film. Wow, the donors can't wait for the screening of this film.

5. Experienced director

director, Jo Sung Hee. Through the film 'A Warewolf Boy', Jo Sung Hee managed to receive the Baeksang Arts Award version of the best new director award. Song Joong-ki also played in the film. It can be said that the film 'Space Sweepers' is the place for the two to reunite. Wow, it must be even more curious.

Hmm how? How interesting is the film 'Space Sweepers'. According to the schedule, the film will be released on February 5, 2021 on Netflik. We'll just wait. Song Joong-ki fans please be patient.

How about friends? Are you also looking forward to the film 'Space Sweepers' too? or are there any other recommended films worth watching in 2021? Let's share in the comments column ...

thank you

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