Top 10 Warning Signs I Am Addicted to Drugs

Author : KatieLeslove
Publish Date : 2020-05-05 04:24:35

Top 10 Warning Signs I Am Addicted to Drugs

Drug abuse destroys lives. If you think your addiction has gotten out of hand, seek out assistance before it’s too late. Watch out for any of these top ten warning signs that indicate your worsening addiction to drugs.

You Keep Taking It

If you already recognize the addiction as a problem, but you still keep taking drugs regardless of what it does to your health, that’s a pretty strong indication that your willpower and control have already been compromised. Get into drug rehab in Florida for treatment right away.

You Need More

If you need more of the drug each time just to get the same high, that means your tolerance level has grown. That’s only going to lead to a downward spiral, so seek out recovery assistance as soon as possible.

You Have Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are a sign that your drug dependence has developed into drug abuse. If you’ve been trying to quit, but find that withdrawal symptoms keep holding you back, get yourself admitted into a treatment facility that offers medically assisted detox.

You Think About It All the Time

If drugs is all you can think about—taking it, finding it, buying it—that’s another warning sign that your addiction is out of control. If you can’t think of anything beyond how good you feel when you take the drug or how bad you feel after the high wears off, start talking to substance abuse pros for help on finding the treatment that’s right for you.

You Have Zero Interests or Hobbies

Drugs also change your focus. If you’re no longer passionate about certain hobbies or interests that you used to love or engage in, that tells you that the addiction is already pretty rotted in your life. Take steps to change that by seeking out help.

You Steal or Lie

If you’re engaging in destructive behavior by lying, cheating, or stealing just to fund your drug addiction, the situation will only get worse from here on out. Find a way to get your life on track by acknowledging your addiction and getting the help you need.

You Hide It

If you’re hiding the addiction from your friends and family, that means you know it’s wrong. You don’t want them to catch you doing something bad that thought alone should convince to seek out professional recovery assistance.

You Pick Fights

Whenever your friends seem to comment on the changes in your appearance or personality or attempt to bring up the topic of drug abuse, you threaten to bite their head off. If you’re picking fights and getting into trouble with friends, family, and even strangers, get someone to help you manage and recover from your addiction.

You Look Different

Worsening drug use leads to shakes, tremors, bad breath, bloodshot eyes, and sudden weight loss or gain.

Your Sleep is Affected

You may end up sleeping too much or too little, depending on the drug you’re addicted to. Drug use affects the quality of your sleep.

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