Top best browser for pc

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Publish Date : 2020-06-01 08:51:43

Top best browser for pc

Google Chrome

It is the most excellent browser on the internet. Google Chrome launched in the year 2008. It has the largest no of a userbase, Across the globe.

This internet browser acquires a major share in the industry. It took less access time as compared to others. It always supports and promotes the advancement of the browser. Chrome initialized our site in approximate 1.4 seconds. It is compatible and has a simple user interface. It comes with the help and support of Google. It is built uniquely in such a manner that it handles the loads efficiently. It also saves your preferences and gives you a suggestion of the relevant site. 

The only drawback of Google chrome is that it occupies more ram as compare to others.

Opera Browser

It is the second oldest browser which acquires a pretty well place in the industry. The browser launched in the year of 1995. opera software runs on the chromium system. It is suitable for each application and device. It provides you with an excellent security feature. It also claims that it is the fastest browser on the internet, which is true for some of the systems. Opera is among the best browsers for our desktop because it has all the essential feature with excellent security. It also gets many awards for serving as the best browser in history. It can launch multiple pages at the same time with equal speed. you should have the precise knowledge to use all the features of the browser. The only drawback of the Opera browser is the compatibility issue with the various sites. 

Chromium browser

Google chromium is a good browser but it is less stable as compared to others. Sometimes it crashes and working absurdly. It is an open-source project which is under the eye of google. It is very similar to chrome but it acquires the less ram. The idea behind the open-source project of chromium is to provide the source code to several browsers. Opera browser also relies on the software of chromium. The best thing about the chromium-browser that it improves with every single day. It does not work like the other browser where your data is continually tracked by google. It provides you with privacy. It is also good for developers and coders to get new challenges. The only drawback of the browser that you will not get any notification for the updates. Overall chromium is a pretty good browser with some modern technique. 

Internet Explorer 11

It is unfair if we didn't include the internet explorer in the list of the best browser. It was one of the popular browsers of all time, across the globe, due to its specific feature and function. It is slow as compared to other browser but has all the standard feature. The average access time of the browser is approximately 5sec. Internet explorer gives huge importance on the virus check and security. Whenever you start afresh window, you see a few of them, based on your browsing history. This software runs excellent with tablets and PC touchscreens with Windows 8. The only drawback of the browser is the speed as compared with the modern one. Sometimes it also stuck while scrolling the different web pages. It also provides you with several extra features and completely customized browsing experience. If we see the overall experience of the browser, not a bad choice.

Safari Browser

It is Apple's lightweight and a quick browser. Safari is widely popular for its natural usability. the market value of the safari is less as compared to other browsers. Initially, it is only run on mac. It entered late in the market but have a huge userbase. It took a significant place in the browsing industry. It is compatible and easy to use. It also has a good user interface. it covers almost all the essential feature like history, icons on the web page, preference of related website, open multiple tabs simultaneously etc. you will get the notification for the updates. Safari provides you with a unique feature to cut all the advertisement and visual distraction while reading the article. you just need to press the red button which is present at the corner of the search bar. The only drawback of safari is a lack of flexibility and sync capabilities. There is some in the customization of the browser 


All the above browser are good at their place. you can select any of them according to your need and preference and specification.


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