Ultimate Guide for Avast Antivirus Features and Services

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Ultimate Guide for Avast Antivirus Features and Services

Avast is a globally known anti-malware with one of the most number of downloads. Avast antivirus offers you various security plans for Windows, macOS, and phone devices. Avast antivirus is famous for providing the best freeware antivirus. If you don’t have a budget for purchasing a premium antivirus then you can install Avast free plan on your device and get all the basic features like virus scanning, junk cleanup etc. But the threats are increasing day by day. Using basic security tools is not enough. You will require good internet security services which can keep your device, data as well as the network secure. Avast provides all the advanced tools which keep the device fully secure.


Intelligent scan

Avast antivirus provides an intelligent scan feature which scans your whole device reliably. The deep scanning feature every file at realtime. When you access any file, Avast antivirus scans it immediately and checks for the viruses. If the Avast finds any malware on your file, it alerts you and then blocks the file. It loads the secure files and you can work easily. Avast antivirus runs on background so it can scan the PC actively and protect the device from all the malware. You will get various scanning services with Avast. If you want a deep insight, go for a system scan. But if you don't have time then you can go for a quick scan. Avast also provides a custom scan feature where you can scan a particular folder or file.


Secure Search

Avast provides a browser security feature that keeps your internet surfing secure. When you search for anything on the browser, Avast immediately checks all the result pages. It shows you which pages are secure to access and which pages are malicious. You should always access the secure web pages. If the user clicks on an unsecured page, Avast will alert the user immediately and blocks the network. You should always enable the secure search service of Avast antivirus while surfing the internet.


Free trial

Avast offers you various premium plans. But finding the best antivirus for your device at one go is not simple. Avast provides a free trial where you can use all the premium tools. If you don’t like the features then you can cancel the free trial and get your money refunded. But you have to cancel the trial before 30 days.  

How to cancel Avast cleanup premium free trial?

  1. Go to the web browser and open your Avast account
  2. Navigate to subscriptions page
  3. Click on Unsubscribe option for cancelling the plan
  4. Now follow the on-screen commands to cancel the Avast free trial. 



Avast offers a sandboxing feature which can help to check your files in a controlled environment. If you want to open a file which looks suspicious then you can use the sandbox feature. Sandbox creates a virtual space where you can check the file without affecting the device. 


Password Manager

Avast provides a password manager for keeping all your passwords securely. You can also save the bank account number and other crucial details on your password manager. Avast password manager also allows you to create strong passwords for your accounts. After saving the password on the password manager, you need to remember them. This tool allows you to access all your passwords with a master key. You can easily access all your passwords with one key. Password manager tool reduces the password hacking threats.


Data Shredder

Avast has a data shredder tool to remove the data from your device completely. When you delete any data from your device, it moves to the recycle bin. You can restore all your data easily from the bin. If you want to remove the data permanently then you need to delete it from the bin. But there are various tools which can recover your deleted data. Hackers can use the data recovery tool for stealing the data from your device. But if you remove the data with the help of a data shredder tool then nobody can restore it. Data shredder not only deletes the data from your device but also fills the space with gibberish content. If anyone tries to steal the data, he won’t get the original data.



Avast antivirus provides a personal firewall for your device which creates an extra layer of protection on the network. Avast firewall checks both the incoming and outgoing traffic on the network. It blocks all the suspicious data packets and keeps your network secure.


Cleanup Tool

Avast offers a cleanup tool for your device as well as for the browser. The cleanup tool removes the system junk and browser junk like cookies and caches from your device and keeps the system junk-free.


Avast provides automatic updates so the user doesn't have to check for the updates regularly. Whenever a new update appears, Avast installs it automatically and keeps the device secure. Along with these features, Avast antivirus provides various additional features like home network security, VPN, parental control, secure DNS etc.

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