Understand about skin tags: Treatment and home remedies

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Understand about skin tags: Treatment and home remedies

Skin tags are widespread issues seen among adults, and everyone develops at some time in their lives. Skin tags don’t require any medical treatment; it falls off of its own. If the skin tag is bothering you like if it catches on your clothes or gives pain, then your doctor might suggest removing it.  A few individuals may proceed with the removal of skin tags due to cosmetic reasons. 

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are a small piece of soft hanging tissue, which appears anywhere on the body. Skin tags affect both men and women equally.  

Where do skin tags are commonly seen?

Here are lists of a few areas on the body where skin tags are commonly noticed.

  • Upper chest
  • Groin
  • Eyelids
  • Under the breasts
  • The base of the neck
  • Buttock folds

Often the skin tags are unnoticed or might be seen only when it repeatedly rubs on the clothes or fall off painlessly. Even skin tag may develop in toddlers and children in the neck and underarm areas. 

What causes skin tags in adults?

The causes of skin tag are unclear, but it is commonly noticed among pregnant women, obese individuals, diabetic person, and among people who have a genetic history of skin tags also, the skin tags are not contagious.  

Is skin tag cancer?

Skin tags are a harmless begin tumour and even if left untreated, it doesn’t develop into cancer. But if your skin tag bleeds, grows or changes in multiple colours like pink, black, red, or brown, then your doctor may suggest a biopsy to determine the growth of abnormal cells or irregular cells or cancer cells. Hence, pathologic examination is necessary to know the developed is a skin tag and nothing more serious. 


Generally, skin tags don’t require any treatments, but if it bothers you, then removal is only the best option that needs to be carried out. There are many types of treatment available to remove a skin tag, and the list includes:

Ligation: The process includes tying the skin tag with the surgical thread to stop the blood flow.

Cryosurgery: The skin tags are frozen using liquid nitrogen.

Cauterization: The skin tags are burned using the electrolysis process.

Excision: Cutting the skin tag off. These procedures are to be done under the supervision of the skin specialist and if it is to be removed under the eyes, it may have to be under the specialist of an eye doctor.  

Home remedies to remove skin tags:

Are you worried to see your skin tag and surfing the net to find the remedies? Fret not! Here are a few home remedies to remove skin tags, but make sure to consult your doctor before you try something new to your skin tags. 

Skin tag removal cream:

There are many skin tag removal creams along with the applicator is available in the market. Read the instructions mentioned on the kit carefully and apply the cream to the area as suggested. Applying the cream on the skin tag may cause a hurtful sensation and may fall off within 2 to 3 weeks. Order the skincare products online from the best medicine site at your convenience and get them delivered at your doorstep. 

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree essential oil helps to remove the skin tag. Apply a small amount of essential oil using cotton on the affected area and tag it with the bandage. Apply this at least two or three times a day and the skin tag will fall off after several days or weeks.

Apple cider vinegar:

Dip a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar solution and tag it on the skin tag repeat the procedure until the skin tag falls off. 

Banana peel:

Yes! Banana peel helps to dry out the skin tag. Just rub it on the affected area and cover it with the bandage. Repeat the procedure until the tag falls off.

Crushed garlic:

Crush few garlic pieces and apply on the skin tag.  The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of garlic help the skin tag to fall off naturally. 

The above mentioned are a few natural home remedies that you can try at home to remove the skin tag. There are many other cosmetic procedures as well. Carefully read and know the instructions before you try out something new on your skin. 

Skin tags are generally not a cause for concern. But, if you see an unusual growth, talk to the dermatologist immediately. If medicines are prescribed order them from a genuine pharmacy shop online and avail amazing medicine discount on every order you place. 

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