Weeks after the loss of their son, Octavia grew ill. Many chalked it up to bad nutrition and a lack of activity. They tr

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Weeks after the loss of their son, Octavia grew ill. Many chalked it up to bad nutrition and a lack of activity. They tr

Worse, I started to feel bad for having these questions and thoughts about Gods and I feared repercussions as I had been told that if I don’t worship the Gods, if I anger them in any way, bad luck would befall me.

I watched in horror as big buckets of food were being fed into the fire. I was attending a Buddhist praying event with my family and we had come to the part where we were sending offerings to the Gods through fire.

I constantly warred with myself. I don’t want to question these powerful beings who — my parents had told me — have protected me since I took my first breath. At the same time, I couldn’t rid myself of the questions.

In emails to me and to my editors, Wemple initially stated that he had a source who told him that the leg injury never happened. He asked if we had copies of Sloane’s daughter’s medical records that we could provide to him as proof.

All the while I watched food being thrown away, offered to Gods, pictures of hungry poor people all around the world played in my head. If Gods are as great and loving as people portray them to be, wouldn’t they prefer the food to go to their beloved humans?

You may also want to consider a mobility aid, like a cane, scooter (especially at the grocery store), or wheelchair. Don’t like the idea of using a mobility aid? Jazz it up, says Teona Studemire, 23, a writer and college student in Florida who was diagnosed with ME a year ago: Bicycle shops can paint the frame and add colorful tires to wheelchairs.

‘Gaslighted by the Medical System’: The Covid-19 Patients Left Behind When there’s only so much care to go around, the medical system leans too hard on test results — and prejudiceelemental.medium.com

Buckets of vermicelli, snacks, cooking ingredients, and other staple food like rice were being thrown into the fire. Buckets. There must have been a few kilos of good food gone into the fire pit as I sat in the front row of the congregation room, staring at the big screen (the fire pit was being recorded outside and projected inside) in front of me, absolutely horrified.

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As you move around your home, keep essentials (phone, charger, lip balm, water, snacks, meds) in a small tote bag so they are always within arm’s reach. Use a laundry hamper on wheels. If your heart rate shoots up when standing, compression stockings are a good way to help prevent blood from pooling in the legs; if you have trouble getting them on and off, try some with zippers. If your home or building has stairs, leave a small chair on each landing, if possible, so you can take breaks as you go up or down.

When it comes to hygiene, skip elaborate routines: Use a shower chair, shower less often, take baths instead, or use water wipes to quickly refresh. Use dry shampoo, wash your hair less often, cut it short, or wash it while seated in the bath or on a shower chair. Brush your teeth in the shower or bath, use an electric toothbrush, or brush your teeth while walking slowly down your hallway — this will help prevent blood from pooling in your legs while you stand still. Don’t shower close to when you eat: Your stomach will need energy and blood flow to digest food, and showering takes energy, and if the water is hot, it will divert that much-needed blood supply to the surface of your skin, Stevens says. Consider using cooler water to help minimize elevated heart rate. And dry off by simply putting on a terry cloth robe instead of using a heavy towel, or get lightweight microfiber towels.

And I just held onto that feeling. I held onto it when I launched my first product that sold zero sales. I held onto it when I barely made a dime for my first couple of years of writing. The alternative looked worse to me — stuck in a cube having to listen to people I didn’t want to fucking listen to.

I didn’t have any issue following instructions and doing what was asked of me. I was still trying to find my identity and I didn’t give religion much thought. My parents said Buddhism is our religion, all the rituals and practices will keep us away from harm and help us prosper and there’s that.

Remember that you can ask for a patient advocate to accompany you to doctor appointments. Hospitals always have them available, but you may want to consider hiring an independent advocate. Come to the appointment prepared, suggests David Kaufman, an internal medicine specialist at the Center for Complex Diseases and a member of the U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Coalition who understands how difficult it can be for patients with chronic illness to get doctors to take them seriously. Bring concrete data to your appointment, he says: Do your own at-home lean test to track how your heart rate (and blood pressure, if you have a home monitor) changes, so you can come prepared with specific numbers. Describe your symptoms in clear terms, with concrete examples to demonstrate: When you say “brain fog,” what do you mean? When you say “pain,” what is the quality of the pain, and does it change with position, activity, etc.? Compare current functionality to your pre-Covid-19 status: “Before I used to be able to… Now I can only…”





















paragraph zooms out and gives us the backstory we need to understand this party. This is the summary. We are not at one specific party anymore. We are in all the parties, “for years and years.” We know it’s an “annual dance.” We know who the characters are now and can begin to piece together their relationships.

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As our conversation continued, my empathy turned to anger when she told me how she had been through my son’s social medi

As our conversation continued, my empathy turned to anger when she told me how she had been through my son’s social medi

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