What are heavy duty hand trucks? How are they used in the industries and what are their uses?

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What are heavy duty hand trucks? How are they used in the industries and what are their uses?

Hand trolleys or heavy-duty hand trucks are essential to warehouse equipment used in logistical operations like transporting of goods and items from one place to the other. Hand trolleys and hand trucks provide a simple and easier solution for the workers in case of transporting heavyweight items and goods. See the fact is that transporting heavy-duty items with high weight can be risky using bare hands only. The use of hand trucks makes the option easier and faster too. You also require less labor in your warehouse by introducing a hand truck that can be easily operated and maneuvered by single labor.

Uses in the warehouse for a heavy-duty hand truck

The heavy-duty hand trucks and hand trolleys are used in a variety of industrial and commercial settings including the warehouses, storerooms, and godowns. They are suitable for transporting heavier and bulkier items of different kinds such as machine parts, device parts, food bags, and other heavyweight packages. They can even be used for moving electrical items like refrigerators inside the storerooms and showrooms. They can even be used for transporting ATMs, gas cylinders, boxes, drums, carts, furniture, etc.

What are the factors that you need to consider for buying a heavy-duty hand truck?

There is no doubt about the fact that a heavy-duty hand truck can be used as essential warehouse equipment. There are also some factors to consider before you buy blindly. Some of the factors might be known to you while others are a bit of rare and need careful thought and consideration and are often missed by the owners. Here is the complete list-

What should be the optimum load-bearing capacity?

One of the main points while using a hand trolley in warehouses is the load and its weight that will be transported on the hand trolley. For this, the manufacturers specify the maximum transportable weight using labels on the trolley. You need to have an idea of what should be the maximum weight that can be transported and is needed in your industry.

What should be the size of the load platform?

The size of the load platform is another thing that you need to focus on while buying as it is important Warehouse Equipment Perth. The loading platform should have a size that is big enough to accommodate the load safely and there should be no risk of the items falling over. Sometimes due to the extensive use, the loads are stacked on top of each other. Make sure to use a safety strip and secure all the items safely so that they don't fall over while transporting the items.

Should you buy a foldable hand trolley?

You can consider buying a foldable hand trolley. As mentioned earlier this essential piece of warehouse equipment is used for a variety of uses and is available in different shapes and sizes. But the problem with the foldable ones is that they do not have a high load-bearing capacity. They are good enough to transport light to medium weight goods and items.

If your items do not have much weight there are indeed advantages of using the foldable hand trolleys. One major advantage is that they can be folded and thus they do not require a lot of storage space.

What is the material of the hand trolley?

Depending on the type of materials and goods being transported the trolley can be made of the different constituent material. The main things to notice here are the platform and the supporting columns and rivets. This could be made from plastic or metals such as steel and aluminum. If you want to use hand trolleys as warehouse equipment then special consideration has to be given on the constituent material of the trolley.

One more thing that you have to consider is the fact that whether the trolleys will be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. If the trolleys are indeed being used for indoor purposes you need to ensure that the metal body is galvanized or anodized to make it resistant to corrosion.

Do you need to avoid corrosion?

As mentioned above the corrosion problem is a major problem in some industrial and outdoor commercial work. Hand trolleys are used as warehouse equipment in different industries and this includes being open to high levels of humidity and rainfall which can trigger corrosion easily. To avoid such things you can either use fiber or plastic trolleys or take proper steps to reduce corrosion.           

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