What Are the Latest Trends In iPhone App Development?

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Publish Date : 2020-11-19 07:59:43

What Are the Latest Trends In iPhone App Development?

Like all areas of information technology, you can see that mobile application development also tends to be going through many changes. During the last few years, virtual reality, along with e-commerce, has grown much. New devices (i.e., wearable devices, Internet of Things), new technologies (i.e., cloud, plus augmented reality), and a new programming language (Swift) are altering the iOS ecosystem.

In this article, we will discuss some of the latest iPhone app development trends that you should follow if you are thinking of creating an iPhone app. However, for developing an innovative mobile app, it is recommended that you should hire a seasoned Freelance App Developer Dubai.

7 Latest iPhone App Development Trends To Follow:

Now, let us tell you some of the best hottest iPhone app development trends that you should follow to develop a modern mobile application:

  1. Swift Programming Language:

When it comes to Swift, it is regarded as the successor particular of Objective C. This functions on open source compiler type of infrastructure that employs XCode tools. Known as the “Protocol Oriented Programming” kind of language by Apple, this is relatively concise and resilient, specifically to incorrect codes.

Swift 3.0 has enhanced core language along with the standard library. It is the ease of use and even navigation that will allow it to be preferable over Objective C to develop iOS, tvOS apps, plus watchOS.

Apple introduced Swift that was recognized as a quick-growing programming language. This is rather popular with the iOS community as it is adaptable and also robust. It tends to be more reliable for iOS developers to employ Swift 4, particularly for mobile app development, because the apps are quicker and use less memory on the device. It is expected that there will be more iOS app development using Swift 4.

  1. Augmented Reality Applications And Geolocation:

It was with the launch of the exciting iOS 11 that augmented reality apps became a modern feature. Amazon even announced the handy Sumerian Application Platform that supports Apple ARKit.

It lets iOS app developers build augmented reality and virtual reality apps and other 3D applications that are compatible with the iPhone and iPad. There should be some augmented reality and virtual reality apps that should come out for iOS users.

Geolocation is being integrated into sophisticated e-commerce and m-commerce iPhone app development to give personalized service to people. The employment of geolocation within household appliances seems to be growing as well.

  1. Apps With CoreML:

Apple has introduced CoreML. It is a machine learning framework. CoreML lets iOS developers be able to develop an application using a few vital lines of code. It is CoreML that can let iOS applications be increasingly feature-rich.

This encompasses features such as barcode detection, object tracking, and even face recognition, etc. It is a good idea to use CoreML within iOS app development because it enhances security.

  1. A User-Friendly Apple Pay:

You may know that digital payments tend to be the future of transactions. We have seen that Apple has its wallet application, i.e., Apple Pay. You can utilize Apple Pay when wanting to make purchases within any apps.

It includes food options, some shopping, and your online money transfer if you want to book tickets for some events, movies, and anything. It alters how iPhone users pay. Besides this, it is claimed that the iOS app development will pursue a cashless policy in the following year via Apple Pay.

  1. Artificial Intelligence And Siri:

You may know about Siri. This is the personal assistant made by Apple, and it has acquired broad traction throughout the world. Siri gave a significant boost to Artificial Intelligence or AI and contextual learning due to its innovative understanding of what individuals are saying and what they want to search.

Siri provides a GPS pin or even code when sending messages. This new Siri also behaves like a task manager to aid you in efficiently accessing the mobile app alongside some QR code.

  1. Cloud-Based Technologies:

These technologies have become so popular. When apps get integrated with the exciting cloud-based technologies, you will get added to new flavors. Cloud-based apps present on iPhones need less storage space; you will be in a favorable position to enhance your smartphone's storage without draining the internal memory.

Smartphone users that bank on Cloud-centric technologies when installing and using apps will see this as a blessing. Therefore, iPhone users will be able to use free Cloud Storage apps present on Apple iCloud.

  1. Focus Upon Developing Hybrid Apps:

The cross-platform apps have faded as time went by. They are getting replaced by new and advanced tools such as NativeScript and React Native, etc. It will aid much in solving problems that are connected to performance and even user experience.

It will also support in developing handy hybrid apps that have better interfaces along with UX. The iOS developers will even be focusing upon developing hybrid apps because it is quite time-saving.

Winding Up!

These are just some latest trends in iPhone App development. So, you should follow them if you are planning to develop an iPhone app. Nevertheless, for the proper implementation of these trends to create a fantastic app, you should hire a professional app developer, Mister Saad.

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