What Is The Best Way To Find a Lawn Professional in Australia?

Author : Brie_Vedrine
Publish Date : 2020-10-01 18:41:00

What Is The Best Way To Find a Lawn Professional in Australia?

Many Australian homes sport well-groomed lawns and homeowners take great pride in their landscaping Mornington.   But, when time is at a premium, the best option is to hire competent professionals for your lawn mowing Chelsea.  If you have tried your hand at this task, you do know that it is neither a quick fix nor physically very comfortable. 

Hiring lawn mowing professionals in Australia

Thankfully, there are several lawn mowing professionals in different parts of Australia. With more and more homeowners taking a keen interest in developing beautiful gardens and equally attractive lawns, lawn mowing as a profession has grown to keep pace with the increasing demand.  Mowing a large lawn can take the better part of a day and professionals have the equipment and know-how to complete the job quickly. Some time ago, I had been looking for a competent agency and found Jim’s landscaping with impressive reviews.  I hired their services and found that they are fully equipped for a wide spectrum of services related to garden maintenance, tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal and all other allied activities.

Interestingly, we see many retirees taking to gardening, initially as a hobby and soon find the hobby taking up a major chunk of their time.  Obviously, many of them have their own physical challenges and that is another reason for the proliferation of professional lawn services. After all, serious gardening involves many hard jobs like mulching, composting, pruning, cutting and so forth and able-bodied youngsters are better placed to handle these tasks.  This will also give the seniors an opportunity to get fully involved with gardening and yet stay safe from hard manual work. Professional lawn services also bring significant expertise and experience to the table so that potential mistakes from DIY jobs can be avoided.

Choosing your lawn mowing professional in Australia

There are many considerations that impact choosing a lawn mowing professional in Australia. The type of grass, length, watering schedule and soil conditions are among factors that will influence the choice of professional lawn mowing service providers.  Following are some of the other considerations in your quest for a professional lawn mowing agency in Australia. 

Type of services needed

Mowing:  When the grass is in good health and shape, you may need only a basic mowing service.  This could be a temporary need or you may want to engage the professional on an ongoing basis with specified intervals.  Most professionals offer a one-time contract or long term contract. While you can expect flexibility with short term arrangements, long term contracts are generally desirable from a price perspective. 

Troubleshooting: If your lawn is discoloured, patchy or not just looking at its best, you may need an expert lawn mowing Chelsea service to address the situation.  Lawn care experts bring significant experience to the table and they can quickly identify problems with your lawn and unearth the underlying issues using multiple methods like soil testing. 

Remediation: Once the needs of your lawn are fully assessed, a professional lawn mowing service provider can offer a specific remediation plan including one or more of the following treatments:-

  • Dethatching -  This is the process of identifying a thick layer of decaying or dead roots and grass forming between the soil and live grass and needing cutting up and removal to restore normal health of your lawn. 

  • Aerating -  The soil in your lawn may be excessively compacted and removal of the small ‘cores’ will facilitate absorption of water, oxygen and fertilizer reaching the roots of the grass more efficiently.

  • Weed control and treating lawn pests – Professionals can effectively take care of weed control and lawn pests and enhance the health of your garden/yard. 

  • Disease-free lawn -  Professional service providers like Jim’s landscaping can ensure that your lawn stays free from diseases

  • Fertilizing – Selection of proper fertilizer for your lawn and applying it at the right time and the right way is another professional job. 

What are some good lawn maintenance practices?

The secret of an affable lawn is to ensure that it is never mowed too short. No more than a third of the height of your lawn should be mowed. Mowing at very frequent intervals can also harm your lawn. Weeds are essentially a problem for most lawns and you can remove the weeds by hand or with the help of a lawn herbicide to kill only the weeds and not the grass. In areas experiencing poor draining, moss can grow and therefore you should ensure proper aeration of the soil and take help from a wire rake for removing the moss. 

Most of us think that a lot of water is needed for proper lawn maintenance, but when you are not over-fertilizing the lawn or mowing it very short, you can in fact reduce the quantum of water needed.  You can further reduce water needs by using a wetting agent for the lawn and ensure proper aeration.  A hardware supplier or a professional lawn mowing service can help you identify proper aerators for your lawn.  Another option is to create a rainwater tank for storing water particularly for use on the garden or lawn and you will face no restrictions on using the rainwater. 

Check if your lawn is feeling ‘spongy’ under the feet because that could indicate thatch build-up and thatch is the layer of underlying grass that is dead. Thatch should be removed since it impedes water and air from reaching the root system and can even trigger fungal diseases. A scarifier or dethatcher can be helpful in removing thatch. For a very small area, you can even use a metal rake to accomplish the task. Over several months, your lawn can also suffer from compacting and this will call for aeration with the help of a hollow tine machine or a corer or just a garden fork. 


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