Whats The Difference Between Organic And Non-Organic CBD Oil

Author : Tom Smith
Publish Date : 2020-11-03 08:40:59

Whats The Difference Between Organic And Non-Organic CBD Oil




The term ‘organic’ is the latest buzzword in the world of medicine. When the question is about choosing the right medication, you ought to purchase organic products. CBD is a fresh addition in the world of organic products for holistic healthcare. Like all other medicinal commodities, the term ‘organic’ is also labelled in an array of CBD products, notably CBD oil. Before purchasing this oil, several questions can sprout in your mind. What is Organic CBD oil? Is there any non-organic version? What’s the difference between both? Before answering all these queries, let’s see what exactly is CBD oil.


What is CBD Oil? 


CBD is a hemp-derived non-psychotropic compound that has a plethora of benefits. It has the potential to treat various symptoms of chronic illnesses and many psychological problems. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from hemp and mixing it with other carrier oils. The extraction involves methods like CO2, Organic oil, Dry ice, Solvent, or Coldwater process depending on costs, equipment, and the delivery of the end product. From alleviating inflammation to pain reduction, CBD oil is famous for its therapeutic properties. Due to high availability and accessibility, you may now buy CBD products at cbdoil.co.uk and get them delivered at your doorstep. 




What Is Organic CBD Oil?


Any manufacturer, if want, to sell his product under the label of organic he needs to get a certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). According to this certificate, organic crops must adhere to stringent rules from soil conditions to farming techniques. While extracting CBD oil, farmers should make sure that their crops meet specific standards. 


  1. Organically-grown hemp produce must involve seeds that are regular, which means they can produce both male and female plants. The growers get rid of the male plants, as it is only the female plants that get a bud containing more cannabinoids. Producers are, therefore, genetically-modifying hemp plants to get only female plants that are not considered as a complete organic by all means. 

  2. Soil condition is the next point to certify the farm-produce as organic. The farmers should naturally fertilize the soil without any traces of chemical fertilizers. 

  3. Farmers often use steroids or growth hormones to get a better yield. It, of course, increases profitability but has a stark contrast with requirements for growing organic plants. USDA strictly mentions there should be no use of any stimulator to boost the growth of hemp crops.

  4. Like other crops, hemp may also be exposed to pests and infections. USDA encourages minimal usage of biocontrol agents to certify the harvest as organic. 

  5. During harvesting, all non-agricultural ingredients should follow the federal list. It can not use any prohibited substance mentioned in the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substance. Doing so will put a stop to any chance of gaining an organic label.


What Is Non-Organic CBD Oil?

Hemp plants work as a natural bioremediation agent. It means it can attract toxic substances from the soil. Although it is advantageous for cleaning soil, using CBD products made from these plants can be harmful to health. Non-organic CBD is called so when,

  1. Farming techniques of Hemp crops are not compatible with USDA agricultural practices. For instance, the use of chemicals or using impure seeds during farming.

  2. The toxicity levels in the CBD products are high. Sometimes, these products contain beta radiations that they absorb from radioactive elements in soil or water. 

  3. CBD oil is not free from microbes. Study shows that there can be a presence of microbial contamination in many cannabis products. Unfortunately, sterilization of these products does not ensure its safety for consumption.  





Why Organic CBD Oil Matter?

To attain an organic stature, the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) should recognize the CBD. According to Federal legislative changes, commonly known as the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is now a regular agricultural crop that can earn an organic designation. It only needs to fulfil the criteria laid down by the USDA. 


Receiving an organic designation is a new and lengthy process that involves a substantial expenditure. But, as the organic CBD oil goes through cleaner processing methods from the moment they are grown, the result is a consumption-grade oil that is healthy. 

Moreover, there are a few other reasons to use organic oil.


  • Safe To Consume

As there are good soil and farming practices, these oils are free from any harmful chemicals, microorganisms contamination, radiations, or hormones that can disrupt your body functioning. 

  • More Beneficial

Organic CBD may be the full spectrum that is a potent source of cannabidiol containing vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and proteins. It also means that this oil provides a range of health benefits when used regularly. 

  • Safe For Environment

The use of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers can be disastrous to the environment. On the one hand, pesticides can kill many vital pollinators beneficial for the environment. On the other, it may enhance the growth of harmful microbes with stronger immunity. 

  • Good For Soil Health

Organic hemp growers often practice the rotation of crops for healthy yields. It helps return nutritions to the soil, interrupts the disease cycle, increases biodiversity, and keeps the soil healthy. A variety of crops also attract insects and pollinators favourable for nature. 

  • Cleaner Oceans

Any chemicals used in the fields may eventually land in the water bodies. These affect biodiversity killing a few organisms or the growth of others. Organic farming techniques restraint the use of herbicides, pesticides, etc., and use natural products that produce no damage to the biosphere even if they end in oceans. 



The difference between organic and non-organic CBD oil lies in the fact that the former is pure. Starting from the growth of Hemp plants to the extraction process and usage, these oils ensure high quality. With minimal or no side-effects, this oil can be used by people with a multitude of difficulties. Besides, purchasing these products can give you an additional benefit of peace of mind, for the product you are using is not only safe for you but the entire ecosystem. 


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