When you are allowed to go out Amidst Lockdowns?

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Publish Date : 2020-05-18 11:35:08

When you are allowed to go out Amidst Lockdowns?

Since the outbreak of panicking the Corona pandemic, human life has changed altogether.  The constant chants of lockdown, social distancing quarantine, and stay home have nerved our ears.  The news of event cancelations, Public gathering bans, and postponements have badly affected our moods and desires.

The most unusual experience of mankind in the long term closure of the holiest worshipping sites where the devoted God lovers gather together to seek the pleasure and will of God Almighty. All the temples, mosques, and churches are closed due to the painful threat of this pandemic spread. 

With an utmost saddened heart, my Muslim friends had to cancel their special Umrah Packages for Ramadan special spiritual visitation. The strict ban of the Muslim Holiest sites of Saudi Arabia amidst this chronic virus was not less than a jolt indeed.

Life has become another name of “fear”. With the increasing Corona threats, the lockdowns have restricted human movement. There are no signs of getting up and spending outdoor times with friends fellas.

Although you have to come up with the State orders of lockdowns, stay home, and social distancing, there are certain obvious situations in which you can go outside for some time.

Situations to go outside Amidst Lockdown

Here are some certain situations in which you can go outside with genuine reasons amidst these difficult times while living in England.

You can go for a Solo Morning Walk for some Time

The Englanders can go for a solo morning walk alone for some time conforming to the rule of social distancing.  They can also drive to the countryside to go for a walk for a limited time.

Go for Exercise more than once per day

As per some convenience in Lockdown policy, the Englanders can go either in a city or any countryside to exercise. This exercise includes, running, cycling, walking, and practicing Yoga

Stop to Rest after a having Walk or Exercise

You can also sit on a bench for some time to take rest after the long exercise. However, don’t sit on a public bench for too long. Otherwise, police would question you

Go out to buy the necessary tools for the housekeeping and Maintenance

You can obviously go out to buy the necessary tools for the maintenance of your house. For example, you can go to the market to buy the instrument to repair your problem causing damaged parts of the house or go out to bring tube lights, etc. to lighten up your homes.

However, undue shopping for renovations or decorations of the house is strictly disallowed in these troubling times.

To Get the Daily Food items

If your necessary food items are out of stock, then you can go outside to the vegetable or general store to get your daily culinary items.  It is highly advisable to pile up the food items in bulk so that you don’t need to go out much.

To Provide Support to the Vulnerable Person

It’s the time of giving support, courage, and a generous heart to those deserving fellas who are in dire need of your help.  When you go out to extend your support to your ailing and financially needy peers the police wouldn’t stop you for sure.

If you work as a volunteer you can deliver food packages and money to your deserving neighborhoods.  You can provide your Corona effected folks with the necessary masks and sanitizers. Although the socializing is strictly disallowed in these difficult days, be mindful that there are exceptions for the ones who alone have to visit their vulnerable fellas for help and consolation.

To take your sick fellas to Hospital

If any of your family fellows or beloveds fell sick to some reason other you can take your car out to take him/her to the hospital.  The same situation goes for your lovely ailing pet.  You can surely go out to take it to the vet.

To Travel to Work if you are a Govt. or Health Official

If you are an important Govt. or health official, a doctor or researcher, you are allowed to go outside with an authentic proof allocated by your working place.

If you are not provided with the work from home option and you have to go to your workplace at any cost, then you can surely go.

But the best of the best option is none other than homestay or quarantine.

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