Why Can not I Change My Netgear Router Settings?

Author : stevenhenson
Publish Date : 2020-09-28 12:22:29

Why Can not I Change My Netgear Router Settings?

Users often want to tweak various settings of their WiFi device after completing the setup process. But, what if you can't make changes to various features of your WiFi router the way you want? Well, worry not! Here, in this post, we are going to shed light on the most-possible reasons preventing you from customizing your WiFi settings as per your needs.

Understand The Reasons First!

Whether you want to change the default password of your WiFi or looking to set up parental controls for keeping an eye on the online activities of your kids, there is a need of accessing the WiFi Settings option to make all changes effective. But, if you can't see the Settings option of your WiFi, there can be various reasons behind the issue. Let's check them all one-by-one.

  • There is some problem from the end of your ISP, which is why your router is not working and you can't access the Settings option. So, cross-check with your Internet Service Provider first.

  • The Ethernet cable used by you to connect your router and modem is broken. Hence, you can't land on the router login page and change your WiFi settings.

  • The web or IP address you are using to access the Netgear router login page is not right.

  • The client device you are using to access the Netgear router Settings page is not connected to your WiFi router.

  • Your web browser is outdated and can't redirect you to the www.routerlogin.net login page.

  • You might have forgotten the router login details and thus can't see the dashboard of your Netgear.

  • Your Netgear router is not installed properly, as a result not taking you to the WiFi settings option.

Whatever the problem is, you can access the user guide offered by Netgear to help its users for making various issues fixed. No matter which router model you own, the user guide is given at the time of purchasing all models. So, whether you have the Netgear AC1900 manual or for any other WiFi model, accessing the same can give you a solution to all issues in no time.

Just in case, you are not so techie and can't resolve the issues with the help of the manual, have a nudge on the troubleshooting tips given below.

Quick Tip: If you don't have time to play around all the troubleshooting tips to give your WiFi a run, simply get in touch with a technical expert to do all the hard work for you so that you can reach your router Settings with ease.

Troubleshoot Your Netgear Router

  • Tested and proven, just power cycle your WiFi router. It has been found that if WiFi Settings are not working, a simple reboot can often fix it. So, unplug your router and power it up after giving a pause to see if it helps you fix the issue.

  • Check all the wired connections for loose or improper connectivity. Also, make sure your router is receiving sufficient electric supply.

  • Make sure you are using the correct default web address to access the router login page. Typos or errors in the URL can also create issues while accessing your router settings.

  • Outdated firmware can also be the offender. So, keep your WiFi router updated to its latest firmware version.

  • Check the credentials. If you changed your router login details for securing your WiFi and still using the default ones, then we hope you got the answer.

It is expected that using the tips above, you would be able to make changes to your Netgear WiFi router settings as per your needs. If still, the same issue is bothering you, then better reset your router to the factory defaults and install it again by taking help from an expert.

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